Guild Unguilded
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Rogue
Faction Horde

General Information


Galthak is as subtle as a rampaging kodo, but is quite adept at discovering hidden motives. He is loud, brash and enjoys verbal sparring. Deep down he feels inferior to his older brother. Although he openly mocks Voshnak's idealism, he does respect his brother's courage.


Born shortly before the First War, Galthak and his older brother Voshnak were brought to Azeroth with their parents to farm the recently conquered land. At the age of ten, Galthak followed the lead of his older brother and joined the Horde infantry. Although skilled with blades, he was too young, small and weak to be allowed to the front lines. He then became a scout and a messenger, running errands for whoever was in charge of his brother's unit. Spending most of his time alone in the woods, Galthak began to love frontier life and became quite proficient in fishing and finding useful herbs.

At the end of the Second War, Voshnak's unit was surrounded and captured. Galthak was away at the time, and found only the burned remains of the camp. He continued to live in the woods for a time, but was eventually discovered, captured and sent to the camps. There he was reunited with his brother, who was heavily suffering from the lethargy.

When the Frostwolf and Warsong clans liberated their camp, the brothers joined the New Horde and eventually travelled to Kalimdor.

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