Gorba Pocketsprock was a Gnome who was a Councillor on the Advisory Panel of High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque. She was described by Femarius Starspeaker as "one of the most jovial members of the Advisory Council."

"Her attendance record was impeccable, and this was the first year, in all one hundred and eight-six years of her life, when she did not attend." - An extract from Femarius Starspeaker's diary.

As stated in Femarius Starspeaker's diary, Gorba Pocketsprock did not attend the Council Meeting in Gnomeregan during the crisis of the Trogg invasion. There are rumours that the dark-skinned dwarves, who roamed the tunnels of Gnomeregan during the final days of its glory, had assassinated or kidnapped her as a result of her suspicions of their actions. If this were to be true, her corpse has never been found.

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