• Past Leaders: Grast Thunderaxe Lok'Grom
  • Recent Leader: Grektholar Thunderaxe Lok'Ogra


The Thunderaxe Clan is the most highstanding of all the Arathi Highlands clan. There is no explaination of how the soceity of so-called Highland Orcs was established, but the most likely one is to be that some orcs broke away from the crazed Old Horde, and fled to the hideous hills of Arathi. Among these were Grast Thunderaxe Lok'Grom, his wife Mol'grom and other orcs. The soceity established in time, and ended up with seven different clans. The highest standing one was, as said, the Thunderaxe Clan.

The Thunderaxe Clan was led by the orcish warrior, Grast Thunderaxe Lok'Grom. Grast was married to Mol'grom. There is little history about how their lives was, and there is noone currently alive knowing their past locations except one; Grektholar Thunderaxe Lok'Ogra, the son of Grast and Mol'grom.

Grektholar was trained to be the next chieftain of the Thunderaxe Clan, he was trained as a Warrior, as his father, and by his father. Although, the post as chieftain would come sooner than anyone had thought.

During the Second War, humans had the Arathi Highlands under control. Eventually, they searched the high hills of which the Highland Orcs were hidden in. Needless to say, there was confrontation. Simpy told, as this story contains no amazing details, the orcs suffered heavy losses against the Humans. The Orcs managed to hold the humans off for a short period of time. One night, the Orcs' charged out. Grektholar was not with them, for he had been forbidden leaving the family hut by his father, whom led the attack.

But Grektholar was anxious to fight, and was growing nervous as he sat waiting for his father and the other warriors to return. He rode out on his own wolf, Wolfhowl, into the night.

Eventually he came to the battlesite, to see Orcs' walking above dead bodies. One of them dead bodies, was his father. Laying in a tent, sieged and bloody, the mighty warrior Grast Thunderaxe Lok'Ogra rested.

Following facts are unimportant. The clans shattered, and the Thunderaxe's fled into the high hills, where they hid for many years.


Grektholar Thunderaxe Lok'Ogra has come forth. As a proud member of the Thunderaxe Clan and it's individualism, he is also a realist. He was asked the Warchief Thrall for his acceptance of the Thunderaxe in the Horde, and has been given it. Now the Thunderaxe merely exists though. The few alive are scattered over Azeroth as hermits and lone travelers. Grektholar himself servers The Horde, and the Thunderaxe's.

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