Grondar Beastclaw
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Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race Wildhammer Dwarf
Faction Alliance
Health Health
Level Level
Status Alive
Location Aerie Peak

    Grondar Beastclaw was born five years before the First War. He fought in the First War, Second War, and Third War. Fighting has always been Grondar's passion. He currently is a member of


Young Years

    Grondar was born five five years before the First War. He was always a tough child. He would love to duel his father and older brother. When his older brother was killed by bandits he wielded his mace and shield from then on. He started to become a great warrior. He also saved a gryphon from wolves and became good friends with him to this day. He calls his gryphon "Razorspark" because the day he saved him it was lighting bad and because he has razor sharp claws.





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