Gruark the Artcher
Guild The Blood Blade Tribe
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Hunter
Faction Horde


Gruark the Archer was born a Shatterd Hand orc. But as a young boy he joined the forces of the reunited Horde and followed Grom Hellscreams warrior's in to battle. After seening next to all of his clans warrior's die figthing the humans and the dark gate destroyed he fleed with the Warsong Clan.

Living as half outcast, half member of the mighty clan, Gruark soon gave up his old surenamn "Greatrun" and toke up the more humbel namn of "the Archer". He became a simple hunter that gatherd food for the Warsong warriors. And his skills at tracking granted him respect and trust, though not honor.

As the years past he grow from boy to adulthood and followed Thrall in his qvest to free their kind. After following the young warchieftan to kalamindor, Gruark met the last remneats of the once mighty, but small, Blood Blade Clan. They were lead by the blind elder Burgrsch Demonvoice.

Following the old orc was his son Rubgrsch and Oga, The last duagther of the line. As the two fougth the Legion side by side Gruark found himself growing more and more fuond of her. And when the war was over his asked Oga to become his mate, And to his great happiness she agreed.

Now they live togather in Razor Hill and have three children. One duagther at the age of 2 years and two Twin sons at the age of 5 years.


Master Burgrsch Demonvoice - Grand Father-in-law
Cergias of the Bleading Hollow Clan - mother-in-law , dead and her spirit has been taken by the Lich King
Oga - mate
Rubgrsch - Father-in-law


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