Hagin Airbreaker
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Vital statistics
Title Hagin Airbreaker
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Faction Alliance
Health Health
Status Alive
Location Unknown


Hagin Airbreaker was born in Gnomeregan. His father died in the second war. He was a great and humble warrior until he fell to an unbeatable enemy....death...


Gnomeregan Days

    After his father's death he wanted to kill every horde out there. He began training with weapons. He tried to find one that he liked and was good at. He found the sword. He practiced with a training sword all day and night. He started to get real good with it. Sometimes he would go outside Gnomeregan with his friends and fight wolves. He always got the highest amount of kills. Soon his friends started calling him "Hagin The Swordsmen". With his new title his mother allowed him to get a real sword. When he did Hagin left Gnomeregan for a short amount of time to train out in the wild. He kept training and training with his new sword but he also tried different weapons once and awhile. After he trained for a few days in the wile he went back to Gnomeregan.

Depression Years

    When he returned from the wild he visited his mother. When he saw here he found a big group of friends yelling happy birthday. He totally forgot about his birthday which they made fun of him for. For one of his presents his mother gave him a sword that was used by one of his father's friends during the second war. Three days after his birthday the troggs invaded Gnomeregan. Hagin would battle many of the troggs along with his friends and mother. During the invasion he and his mother would also help gnomes escape. When Hagin's friend Nefti died from toxic radiation he worried about his mother and friends. He convinced his mom and his friend Sibel to escape with him. During their escape his mother and Sibel were killed in front of his eyes. Fueled with anger he charged at the troggs killing only three while another gnome grabbed him and took him to Ironforge.

            Waking up with sadness Hagin cried and cried. He would not even think about training again. For the next couple of months Hagin would be an apprentice cook and an alchoholic. He calls these years his "Depression Years". One day he decided to look for his sword that he got for his birthday. When he figured out that it was lost in Gnomeregan he got even sadder. One day he saw a female dwarf hunter who got his attention. He started to try and flirt with her when all of a sudden a group of horde attacked Ironforge. After watching a dwarf father being killed in front of his child's eyes Hagin was reborn. He slayed the orc with nothing more but a dagger. He then saved the dwarven boy and fought the horde at the Deeprun Tram. After the attack was dealt with Hagin wanted to avenge the deaths of his family staring with the horde.

Navy Years

    After the attack on Ironforge Hagin wanted to fight the horde more then ever but did not know where to fight them. One day at the inn while he was making a pie for some customers he found a big and tall human asking for him. He went to the human and saw an admiral hat on top of his head. Hagin was in shock. The admiral told Hagin that he saw his battle with the horde in Ironforge and that Hagin had skill. He asked if he would like to join his fleet. The Longsword fleet.  Hagin quickly accepted. For the next months he would be in the ocean on a ship with Admiral Rubysmith. Rubysmith's crew would ambush horde trade ships and take there supplies and destroy their ships. Hagin loved being part of Rubysmith's fleet and loved being a marine more. Spending one year as a marine he wanted to return to Ironforge and begin a new adventure. When he asked his Admiral he said yes and the next day Hagin was in Ironforge.

A new Adventure

    After Hagin left his duty for a marine for a short time he traveled to Darkshire. Hearing rumors that it needs help badly. When he arrives to the town it is being attacked by skeletons. He breaks many skeletons in half with his sword. Approached by a mother, the mother asks him to go save her son saying that rogue wizards captured him. As he arrives at the location of the rogue wizards he is jumped at by a night elf female warrior. She trys very hard to kill him but he manages to dodge her attacks in confusion. She then apologizes saying she thought he was one of the rogue wizards. He then tells the night elf about the situation. She agrees to help save the boy. When they jump at the wizards they right away slay two. After four more cpme out they are dodging fireballs, frostbolts, and other spells. After a long hard battle they rescue the boy and bring him back to his mother. As a gift they both received twenty silver. The night elf then says that she has never seen a gnome battle like that. She then asks if he would be interested in training under her master Aluno Shadowclaw. He at first declines stating that he wishes to continue his adventure. She then states that if he every changes his mind come to Darnnassus. After his adventures in Duskwood go on he hears that the battle at Arathi Basin goes horrible for the Alliance. He then travels to Stormwind and asks around about the basin to see the if the rumors are true. After snooping around he is confronted by a masked human asking if he would like to go and fight in the Arathi Basin like he fought the horde on the seas. He founds out that it is Admiral Rubysmith who asks him after the admiral takes of his mask. For the next three months Hagin fought in the Arathi Basin and got promoted to the rank of corporal. Before he leaves he the basin he slays two trolls and an undead. A gnome and a human then see his incredible skill with the sword and spread the rumors about "Hagin the Swordsmen". When the battle at Arathi Basin goes in favor for the Alliance he then leaves to battle a foe he has not battled before, the burning legion.

The training

    Right when the Dark Portal opened Hagin wanted to go to the Outlands and battle the demons there. But he felt as if he were not ready. He remembers the night elf female Jereesa he teamed up with at Duskwood telling him about her master and willing to train him. He then goes to Darnnassus to train under her master. When he arrives he asks about master Shadowclaw. When he sees him and asks to train under him he is immediately attacked by him. He almost gets beaten to death. Shadowclaw states that he heard that Hagin was a good warrior but is not ready for his training. Hagin then replies that he is more than ready to train under Shadowclaw. For the next two months Hagin says he went through a living hell training under Shadowclaw. He wonders how Jereesa who was also training with him, how she can delt with the terrible training. Some of the training Hagin and Jereesa was to climb a mountain and then climb it back down. And to do push ups  when they have something really heavy on there backs. They also had to duel huge animals. They also had to duel master Shadowclaw once and awhile. Hagin stating that dueling him was horrible. He says that he would always have a big cut or a bruise afterwards. After his training his master states that he fights like a night elf and that he is proud of Hagin. After his training he and Jereesa went through the Dark Portal to battle the burning legion.


    During his time in Outlands Hagin and Jereesa fought countless demons. He never met such a challenge before. When he and Jereesa were in the midst of a battle with felboars a group of fel orcs came and attacked them. Hagin and Jereesa put up a good fight and slayed many but they were overrun eventually. Hagin managed to escape but he watched as Jereesa was stabbed and torn apart. As he was running with so many cuts, bruises, and burn marks he passed out. He does not know how long he was out for but he remembers that he woke up and was in chains. As stood up he found out that he was in a caravan. He looks out of the caravan and sees an ethereal leading it. He has no idea what the hell is going on. When he looks behind himself he sees a human rogue and a blood elf priest. He then finds out from the blood elf priest that they are now slaves to be working for the ethereal. He then wonders how it all happened.

Being a Slave and a Gladiator

    Hagin was really angry when he found out that he had become a slave. All he remembers is himself falling on the floor from being exhausted. He looks at himself and sees he does not have anything but some torn up leather shorts. When the caravan stops he gets pulled out by another ethereal as some other slaves do. Hagin already tries to escape but is stopped by a bolt of lighting from another ethereal. For few days he mines out material for the his ethereal masters. One day an ethereal made some remarks about his race. The ethereal also says that Hagin had a stupid father. Hagin snapped and attacked the ethereal. He slayed him with his mining pick. Three more ethereal came to attack but ended up dead on the floor at the hands of Hagin. Hagin then forgot about escaping instead he wanted to kill every ethereal there. He killed many but he was stopped from one of his slave masters shot a fireball at him causing him to go on the floor. Later on Hagin would be fighting for the amusement of his slave masters. He did not actually hate it. He liked it because he could train more with his sword. He would fight wild animals, other slaves (he would only fight a horde slave), elemantals, and even fel orcs. When he fought fel orcs he remembered how his best friend Jereesa died. He was once again filled with sadness and anger.

    Hagin continued to fight as a gladiator. He rarely worked as a slave anymore. Soon he was scheduled to fight a blood elf in The Ring of Trials. It was suppose to have a small crowd. Hagin tried to plan an escape. He thought and thought of a way to escape before his match. One day after killing another fire elemental he was confronted by a female orc saying that she was an excellent engineer and she could help both of them escape. Hagin accepted her help. They planned it out on how they would escape. Right before Hagin's challenge would start some dynamite went off in the stands. A few slaves were there and when the dynamite went off they tried to escape themselves. The slaves start fighting with the ethereals and soon a whole riot broke out. Hagin and the orc quickly escaped getting four slaves with them. From this point on Hagin would start to trust horde more. A day later Hagin and Shelerak the orc female would bust the other slaves out. Hagin would make a good friendship with Shelerak. Later that day Hagin arrived in Shattrath City. He went to Khadgar and spoke with him quite a bit. He then had to choose to join the Scryers or Aldor. He chose the Aldor because he did not trust blood elves. He learned many things from the Naaru. He start forgetting his troublesome past. From this day on he would not be as angry towards the horde but still fight in other battlegrounds, receiving a Grand Marshal Claymore for his service for the Alliance. Hagin hears that the Alliance and Horde started expeditions to Northrend, Hagin decides not to go just yet.

Peace times and Scourge times

    After arriving from Warsong Gulch Hagin returned to be a cook in Ironforge. He loved getting away from battle. He forgot his troublesome past. He was at peace. One day an Arathi emissary approaches him and asks to come and fight in the Arathi Basin once more. Hagin refuses and immediately walks away. Hagin notices that he has lost his taste for battle.

          A couple of weeks later Admiral Rubysmith comes in the inn and greets Hagin. Hagin makes them both some food and they start talking about old times. The admiral eventually asks him to join his crew again. Before Hagin can refuse the admiral states that they now face the scourge. Admiral Rubysmith tells him that the scourge have been attacking Southshore and that it may be eventually overrun by it. Hagin heard horrible rumors about the scourge and how awful they were. He accepts. He starts to get his fighting spirit back. When Hagin and the crew arrive in Southshore they see a few ghouls attacking the town. They quickly deal with the minor threat.For the next couple of days they deal with minor scourge threats. Hagin starts to think why his good friend called him for some minor threats. He then finds out that the scourge lured all of the crew into a huge trap. When massive group of ghouls come and attack from the north. Hagin then sees as Admiral Rubysmith turns into a death knight. Hagin is quickly aroused in anger and heads into battle with his old friend. As battle rages on with the Longsword crew along with Southshore against the scourge Dun'Garok dwarves come to help. The battle is won for the Alliance. While the Admiral vanishes Hagin thinks about what just happened. Hagin then realizes that most of The Longsword fleet died from the battle.He finds a beautiful gold neck necklace and picks it up. He finds out from some of the crew members that the admiral must of been turned into a scourge weapon from when they fought fought the scourge in The Arathi Highlands a couple of weeks back. A fleet member states that the admiral went missing then came back after a long time. Hagin returns to Ironforge with sadness and anger inside him once again. He made a mistake in these times....when he found that necklace....he put it on.

Final Years

    Hagin goes back to fighting in the Warsong Gulch. He is confused at this time. Having a good friend turning into a death knight hurts him real bad. He receives a letter from his old warrior trainer Master Shadowclaw telling him that he would love to see him again. Hagin arrives at Darkshore. They talk about Jereesa and how Hagin forgot to tell Shadowclaw that she had died. They tell each other what has been going on ever since Hagin left. After a long conversation Shadowclaw wants to duel Hagin. Hagin accepts and they go through a long,hard,and brutal battle.Master Shadowclaw being victorious but out of breath and exhausted. He states that he must actually try to fight "Hagin the Swordsmen". He also states that he really does fight like a night elf. Soon afterwards a small group of scourge attack Darkshore. Leading them is Admiral Rubysmith. Hagin quickly goes for an attack but is stopped by his master. Shadowclaw states that they are worn out and must heal quickly before engaging the enemy. Drinking a couple of healing potions they attack the scourge. The admiral begins to fight the beaten up Hagin while Hagin's master is facing the ghouls and skeletal warriors. The battle lasts for awhile. Hagin gets stabbed in the leg by Rubysmith. He falls to the floor hurt. While his master along with Darkshore guards take care of the undead they come to help Hagin....or so they thought. When they were charging at Rubysmith a few gargolyes came from the sky and made a distraction for Rubysmith to escape.

    Hagin was worn out from the battle along with his master. It took him several days to recoup. He leaves Darkshore to go to Ratchet to start traveling. He travels and travels batteling other fighters to increase his own sword skills. Once again his title "Hagin the Swordsmen" goes out. He then decides to go to Northrend. Wanting to get a few friends expect that he does not have many. He sends mail to Shelerak asking if she would want to go. She says yes. Both being tough warriors they begin preparations for Northrend. Shelerak first wants to  could bring her brother along and say goodbye to her mother in Northrend. Hagin goes with her. When they go Shelerak older brother Helfel looks at Hagin very sucpicously keeping his voidwalker close to him. As they go to see Shelerak and Helfel's mother Helfel screams at Hagin saying that he has darkness surrounding him. Shelerak's mother (being a powerful shaman) starts to sense it too and starts to wobble a bit. She also sense incredible amount of dark energy surrounding Hagin. Hagin is shocked. As soon as everyone starts to question Hagin they hear screaming coming from outside. A small group of death knights and skeletons are attacking. Leading them is Rubysmith again(or so Hagin thought). Hagin charges at Rubysmith taking out two skeletal mages. Shelerak and her family fight the other scourge. Hagin and Rubysmith go at it for little while. Shelerak's mother summons two giant rock elemantals. The battle is almost over with Rubysmith on the ground about to die at the hands of Hagin. Soon as Hagin swings his claymore his attack is blocked by a sword. Hagin looks up and sees Jereesa with cold icy blue eyes. Hagin's eyes widen. Jereesa throws a death coil at him. He gets hit and goes on the ground hurt badly. While Jereesa turns some of the dead bodies in Ratchet into ghouls she stares at Hagin. Hagin looks at the souless, and emotionless Jereesa. Rubysmith deathgrips Hagin and stabs him in the leg. Hagin falls to the ground. Rubysmith then telling Hagin of how the necklace he found was tracking all of his movements. And that Rubysmith and Jereesa have been hunting down heroes to serve the scourge. As Jereesa and Rubysmith both swing there swords Hagin hears Shelerak screaming and running to his aid.....but it too late...."Hagin the Swordsmen" has died at the hands of two people who he use to call "friend".

Death Knight

      Hagin was ressurected as a death knight. Remembering how it all happend, he still did not care. He would kill in the scourge's name. He killed women,grandparents, and even children. He loved it. At this time he was truly insane. He was asked a task by his scourge commanders to sneak in New Avalon and kill a strong Paladin named Jack "Undead Smasher". He sneaked in and drew Jack into a safe spot to fight. It was the longest battle Hagin ever had and the toughest. Everytime Jack would get a fatal would he would just heal it up. So Hagin did not use his energy. He just kept the battle going on long enough until Jack ran out of mana. Eventually he stabbed Jack into the rib with his runeblade. He brought Jack into Acherus to be brought back as a death knight. Hagin kills and kills for the scourge. Hagin actually made friends as a death knight. Or as he calls "death friends". He would not risk his own life for them, nothing like that. He enjoyed killing with them. His best "death friend" was Rubysmith. Who he killed with many times.


     When the death knights fought at Lights Hope Chapel and betrayed by the Lich King Hagin devotes the rest of his life to fight the scourge. He goes to Stormwind only to have apples thrown at him and to be spatted onto be accepted into the alliance. He goes to Borean Tundra to battle the scourge. He starts to think about his past. He is angered and sad of what he had done as a servant to the Lich King. He has other thoughts about his home Gnomeregan. He decides to make a move......

   After a month in Borean Tundra he decides to go to Darnnassus to see his old master.. Shadowclaw attacks him at first but knows the fighting style. He then is shocked at how his student is a death knight. Hagin speaks with his old master about how he turned into a death knight and how Jereesa is one too. Eventually Hagin weeps and screams for the crimes he has done. His master then asks if he would like to go fight the scourge with him. Hagin accepts but says he would like help for something else first. He takes Darion Morgraine's advice. "Harness your hate, make it useful". So he does in Gnomeregan.

 When Hagin and his master arrive in Gnomeregan they are attacked by Leper gnomes. They manage to break through and go into the fallen city. Hagin has memories of him as a boy in the city. They start to fight many troggs. They have a hard time against so many. They start to press further into the city. Hagin sees a leper gnome with his old sword that he got for his birthday. Hagin deathgrips the gnome and stabs him right in the chest. He grabs his old sword. He smiles for the first time as a death knight. He and his master press further into the city stealthily. They soon find themselves around some type of poison gas in the air. They start to choke. They both use there hearthstones to go to Darnassus. Hagin is disappointed that they could not take Gnomeregan back. But his master states that he should of known that one gnome and some old night elf would not be able to take over a whole entire city by themselves. After they talked for awhile they spoke about the scourge. Hagin and his master then go to Northrend to battle the scourge. Hagin has found some sort of peace....but for how long until it is stripped from him?





Hagin is the average height for a gnome. He is very muscular for a gnome but does not like to show it. He has brown eyes with brown hair. He has a regular skin tone.

Death Knight

Hagin is the same height as a death knight. He is still very muscular. He now has a grayish mixed with blue hair. He has grayish skin color with an undeadish face (like the gnomes in scholomance).




  • "How are we supposed to ambush two horde ships when we don't even know where the hell they are admiral." to admiral Rubysmith before attacking two horde ships
  • "Admiral we got to fall back the horde outnumber us five to one. If we stay here we will eventually get overrun and will lose too many good men." to admiral Rubysmith after several attacks from the horde
  • "Hope? I hate that word so much. Where was hope when my friends and mother were killed by disgusting troggs. Where was hope when horde invading Ironforge killing a father in front of his own son. Do not say there is always hope admiral, BECAUSE THERE IS NOT!!." to admiral Rubysmith after hearing him lecturing about hope.
  • "Well look at you lady......I would love to take you out sometime.....maybe after we finished guarding these cargo shipments??" to a night elf on a ship
  • "Good fight....your a killer with them daggers" to a fighter he dueled outside of Stormwind
  • "Look at the pathetic humans Thassarian.....I want to kill more and more and more and more of them." to Thassarian at New Avalon
  • "Beg for your life little girl" to a child before killing her
  • "What have I done....I killed children....mothers and fathers.....old humans that did not do anything.......WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?!"to Master Shadowclaw right after he rejoins the alliance




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