Harrik's father was known around Westfall for using questionable means to grow his crop. With a combination of magic and technology, he planted, grew and gathered his crops cleanly and efficiently. When his son was born, young Harrik was taught his fathers ways so that he could carry on where his father left off. By the time he had turned 15, he was helping his father to conjour rain to water the crops, and was making various machines which could help gather them once they were done.

Sadly, a dark day came. A group of thugs and wizards raided their home, destroying their crops and claiming their machines as their own. Harrik's parents tried to stop them, but they were slaughtered by blade and fire. Harrik ran as fast as he could, causing rain all around to turn the ground to mud so the thugs could not follow. He ran until meeting a traveller, who in turn took him to Stormwind.

Over the years, Harrik was being trained by various mages he had met. Turning his ability to make it rain to conjuring water, to freezing the water and turning it into a projectile. From there, he was able to master fire created from the dry air left behind, and eventually use magical energies to bombard anyone or anything which meant him or others harm. His engineering abilities also increased as he met with the dwarfs and gnomes, learning how to turn simple stone and metal into fearsom explosives.

These days, he can be found either guarding Goldshire and Stormwind from attack, or trying to take back Westfall and avenge his parents from the Defias thugs.

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