Hjoe Petrov

Age:23(human years)



Class:Former Mage/Warlock,Currently Death Knight

Titles:Deathbringer of the Scourge,Mistress of the Dark Covenants

Slaves:Celestira,Allethasia,Kkitykat,Layiaida,and Ellia

Friends:Her slaves,the Guild Mistress of Dark Covenants(Kikimoo),Cokko,and her fellow guild mates.

Birth and Early Life:

Hjoe Petrov was born on the formerly known world of Draenor.At age 6(human years) her talents as a mage began to show up in her and her parents and local draenei magus trainers began training her in the arts of Frost.Shortly after starting her training the Gul'Dan's demonicly corrupted,orcish armies attacked her home and brutally murdered her family,she was able to escape them.

Studies and life on the Exodar:

After fleeing Draenor with the rest of her people on the Exodar,Hjoe continued her studies as a mage.One night while wondering in a secured area of the Exodar,Hjoe discovred a spell book that once belonged to an orc warlock.Learning how to read orcish at a young age,Hjoe tought herself the spells in the book,learning the dark arts of fire and how to be cruel and brutal to people and control them aginst their will with physcial and psyhcologial torture.Unfortunently she was discovred using these dark arts upon arrival on Azeroth and was banished from the city of Exodar.

After banishment and Stormwind:

After being banished from her home in Azuremyst Isle,Hjoe made her way to Stormwind and seeked the legendary wizards of the Mage Tower in the Mage District.There she continued her to learn and became an experianced mage by age 18.

The Cataclysm:

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