Hodges Hodgesson
Guild Menethil Buccaneers
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Hunter
Faction Pirate

To look upon Hodges now one would not believe the chequered and confusing past of a such a Gnome. His Dwarf-like appearance and amiable nature belie the horrors that befell him in the catastrophe of Gnomeregan some twenty-seven seasons ago. Massively deformed and mutated Hodges was shunned by his kind and also by the Dwarfs that he now resembled. He spent many a moon in isolation honing his skills of survival through stealth, marksmanship and cooking.

General about Hodges

Name: Hodges Hodgesson
Age: 4oish
Status: Currently looking for the other lost members of the Ol'Greg
Professions: Hunter, Ex-Rogue and The Ol' Greggs cook

Piratical Escapades

Eventually he was stumbled upon by Captain Kenji of The Ol' Gregg and taken in and thus started an illustrious pirating career and all was good. That was until tragedy struck once more! After a bungled raid on Ratchet the Ol' Gregg fled from the authorities into uncharted waters. As the crew celebrated their escape they had no idea of the horror that lurked below their very feet.

With a terrifying gurgling sound like water gushing down some monstrous plug hole the hideous bulk of the terror of the seas that is a Giant Murloc broke the surface of the, until then, deathly calm waters.

"T'is a Giant Murloc!" bellowed Benjo the troll currently positioned in the crow's nest. "Ever----blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhghhghhgG!" His cry was cut short as he was swallowed up by the Murlocs horrific gaping maw. Hodges could only look on in terror as the barnacle-ridden underside of the beast descended upon the ship and, ultimately, himself...

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