To becoma a member of the new Shadow Council you most go thourth 2 screaming steps. This steps are made to see to it that all our members really want to be full members. And that our members are active. If you succed in the first step but not in the second you will be come a Anget of the Council. And we will aske you to hlep us in RP avents and dealings whit enemys and allies of the Council.

First Step:
Writh a RP story on how the Seven Spirits of the old Shadow Council contactade you, and post it [here[1]] (whit "here" I mean the Guild wedsite we just got for our selfs). Was it a dream? Or a vision? Maybe you contacted them? To do so however you have to register on this site. It is this way becorse if it wasn't anyone could post anything on our open forums. Also if register on this site whit a unknown namn (Non-in-game-char-namn) will be asked to idintifie themselfs whit in three days. If you don't do that, I will kick you out.

Second Step:
RP whit the members of the Council. It has to be done spontaneusly.

Try and contact a member of the Council in-game directly. Do it OOC first and then IC.

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