Ilathud Angalstrand
Guild Ebon Flame
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Paladin
Faction Alliance

Ilathud Angalstrand, proud member and paladin of the Ebon Flame. Known mainly by his abstinence, which makes him quite extraordinary as one of few dwarven representatives of paladins.

General Information

  • Apperance: Short and dumpy as any dwarf in Azeroth. Long blonde hair and beard, always clean and combed.
  • Born: No one knows, he forgot that long ago and there's no one left alive who would know such thing.
  • Father: Burad-Durush Angalstrand, currently deceased
  • Mother: Zaral Angalstrand, from the house of Nathaguls, currently deceased
  • Siblings: Abad, Feddul, Thul, Argam, Giral and Zagil - every single one KIA, during 2nd war
  • Children: None. Yet.
  • Marital Status: Single, mostly because of general lack of dwarven lasses


Generally considered as a mystery. Only known fact is, that he has quite wicked sense of humour, which he shows in most of conversations with other people. He's very bound to the Ebon Flame and goes furious whevener someone says any bad words about it. The other thing that can make him raging is spelling his name with two "L"s, instead of one.


As a last living son of Angalstrands, Ilathud holds responsibilty for defending the honor of his family, which he swore to do to his dying father. His youth he spent mostly in Mystic Ward of Ironforge, learning the ways of paladins. He was then sent to fight during the 2nd war with the orcs, where for his heroics he was granted the title of Knight, however he chose to abandon the life of a soldier, after hearing that all of his siblings died on the various battlefields. His parents died not a long time after. His mother from fatal desease, his father killed by Scourge during the takeover of Capital City of Lordaeron by fallen prince Arthas. It was then when Ilathud swore to his dying father to defend the honor of Angalstrands. Despite being bound by this oath, he spent several years on pointless wandering, crushed and broken down by the tragedy of his relatives. It was at that time, when his alcoholism bewildered even those of his kin. After few years however, he found his new home - the Ebon Flame. At last he found the reason to live. Once again he put on the belt with runic "A", symbol of Angalstrands and abandoned alcohol forever. From that moment, he happily serves as paladin of Ebon Flame.

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