Guild Shining Strand
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Rogue
Faction Alliance

General information

  • Name: Illyena Falmeson
  • Age: 20
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthplace: Menethil Harbour
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Soldier, Agent for Hire


Illyena Helena Falmeson was born the daughter of Michael Falmeson, Lordaeron Footman and Alaisa Rozencrantz, runaway Stormwind Nobles daughter. Her father, a soldier on semi-active service as a garrison sergeant in various alliance towns north of Blackrock mountain. As a result Illyena, her two sisters, brother and mother, were constantly on the move.

When the plague came to Lordaeron Illyena (now 14) and her siblings were sent south to stay with various family friends and relatives, Illyena with her aunt's family. Her mother, was never seen again after remaining behind in Lordaeron, her father went missing in action three days after the battle of Hyjal, Illyena maintains vehmently to this day that he is still alive, although cannot provide any rock solid proof of this. She claims to hear from him from time to time.

The young Illyena's aunt somewhat at a loss as to what to do with her wayward sister's teenage daughter had her trained to become a priestess. A task the girl singularly failed to do. Though academically proficient she lacked the willpower, devotion and faith needed to succeed. After an incident with another neophyte Illyena was forcibly removed from Northshire abbey and told never to return.

That was when she fell in with a mage, a young ambitious man named Simeoni Imaris. The young Imaris claimed to see potential in Illyena, who he took as his apprentice. However Imaris after the fall of Dalaran and his subsequent semi-exile to Stormwind began to dabble in progressivly darker magics. On challenging her master on his practices Imaris in a blind rage initiated a barrage of dark magical attacks on his apprentice, who, though surviving the attack was unable to channel a spell without shaking uncontrolably. Simeoni Imaris was, later the same day he attacked his apprentice, cut down by the city watch for attacking various civilains.


  • Father: Michael Falmeson - Missing, possibly alive
  • Mother: Alaisa Falmeson (Rosencrantz) - Missing presumed dead
  • Sister: Libarassa Falmeson - Living
  • Sister: Unnamed - Unknown
  • Brother: Lotair Falmeson - Died in battle

Phyiscal Description

Illyena is small, standing at about 5ft2 (About 1.5m) and generally quite slight of build not appearing to carry much strength. She tends to favour dark colours and where possible covers her face. On the occasions that she is not hooded her messy light red hair becomes visible and she appears to be fairly early in adulthood.

Her posture and tone of voice speak of quite an apathetic, bitter cold young woman.

Around her neck she wears a plain silver necklace, onto which she has threaded a fairly expensive looking silver signet ring.

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