Following the Shattering

Burgrsch Demonvoice and his duagther Ximrana "Tainted-Blood" Dreakmore sat in a complex circile of power when it happend. They where in the midst of complete a long project that would bring balance to the old orc's body and soul. The old warlock already had two totems that aided him in this.

One was the totem of the emeral cat. A spirit of life and earth that layed whit in his whery flesh. Not long ago it had been the bringer of endless pain, but now it was his guide. The other totem was that of the black wolf. A spirit of death and fire that was hanging around the old one's neck.

Now only remined the essens of water and air. To house this powers his duagther had carwed a pair of dragon bone fragments into the shapes of a crow and a surpent. The surpent would house the essens of water and the crow the essens of air.

As the orc and his half-orc child commenced the ritual that would grant the totems there power and bind them to Burgrsch, there was a strange stillness to the world. Non of the two mystic's toke any heed of this sign of warning. The old warlock fell in to a trance in which he tryed to convince the sprits of the new totems to join whit him. While the young shaman chanted prayers to the spirts of water and air to aid her.

And then it happend. The world cryed out in pain as it was toren asunder. The elements be came crazy, lay lines changed course and the Southfury River where close to where father and duagther where siting overflowed. As both the spirtual and physical world came crashing down the spirit of the crow and the spirit of the surpent fleed to the stronger of the two mystic's.

The ritual's unexpected end and the sunden changes in the spirit world made Ximrana into a battel ground for the local spirits. Ripping through her body and soul they toke next to all of her powers and stole the color from her hair. She would have died had not her father taken hold of her and asked his totems to protect them both.

As a result the crazed spirits marked the old orc by making his hair the same color as the great evil that had harmed the world so.

And al over the world, that dark shadow had started reshaping the world in his image.

The Blackwolf of Flames

The old orc, the half-orc and the voodoo doctor had drawn a circle of power ii the warlocks cavern next to the homestead. The plan was simple, Burgrsch would stand in it's center and call forth The Face Eater and the other would help him destroy the beast.

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