After Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider had escaped the clutches of the Daralan prison with his Naga allies, not all prisoners were set free.

One, young male Blood elf was left behind, stuck inside his iron bound prison. At first, he tried and tried to break out of his cell, but with no weapons, his efforts were useless.

Meanwhile in outland Kael'thas had sent Grand Magister Rommath to carry a message of hope to those blood elves remaining in Quel’Thalas. Upon re-entering the portal, Rommath sensed the spirit of this young Blood elf dying, he rushed to where his cell was, and broke him free.

As Rommath returned to Quel'Thalas, he took the young one with him, and had him nursed back to health in the medical academys of Silvermoon.

As time went on, the young Blood elf started to change in his personnality, he became highly aggressive and bad tempered. The eldars sensed a disturbance in his spirit, a dark soul as if planted there by an unknown force. They decided to capture him and study this disturbance.

But what they found, was seen as a threat by most of the blood elves, he was to be executed so that this evil would not surface further. Sensing his own demise, the young Blood elf fled from the city of Silvermoon.

Alone, the dark presence within him grows unsteadily, a quiet voice in his head speaks to him constantly, driving him into madness. He seeks to hide himself, and so he spends the next few months training in the arts of the Rogue.

Driven by a dark presense within, and the will to survive, he wanders Azeroth, in search of other creatures like him, to find his place.

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