Part 1 - Fading Away, Like Dreams

Sepherina walked between the raindrops as jagged spikes of lightning chiseled bowl-shaped craters in the acrid ground. A thick red dust hung in the air, carried by a howling wind that whipped up an abrasive miasma of sand and shadow and sent it scampering across the desolation of the Blasted Lands. The tortured earth hissed and seethed beneath her, writhing like a living thing as she made her way carefully between the silhouettes of hastily abandoned tents. The percussive rumble of thunder overhead seemed to resonate through her body as the sky threatened to tear itself apart.

In front of her the portal hovered, twinkling gently between the statues that rose majestically into the night. She scowled. What kind of path was this? What force had led her here to this desolate place, alone before the darkness? Clues and riddles wrapped in dreams had drawn her certainly but there was something else. Friendship? With a sigh she shook her head ruefully as Avanna’s face hung before her, the calculating grey eyes twinkling slightly with an inner light, the fiery hair framing a delicate face creased in a knowing half-smile. Full of sorrow Sepherina pushed all thoughts of friendship aside, she doubted the other woman could ever overcome her revulsion and suspicion; she was anathema to the Mage, a manifestation of everything Avanna despised. She frowned; in the end it was probably for the best. Time passed and one by one the people she cared about fell away. It was better not to care, not to get involved, not to live.

She stared wide-eyed up at the portal as the stars within rotated slowly before fading away like dreams. Deep within the void a voice called out to her. “Pain... Death... Anger... 10,000 years... Hunger… Sepherina... Not ready... Death” She closed her eyes. She would not leave Avanna alone, no matter what the cost. Illidan raved somewhere in the back of her mind, but she shut him out. He was just another voice, another madness, another facet of the darkness that whispered to her in the forsaken corners of her mind. Reaching out through the void, Sepherina smiled. She had nothing left to loose.

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