Ishan Beaheart
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Faction Horde
Class Druid
Health 42k
Level 80
Status Alive
Location Unkown

Ishan Beahart, once a proud member of The Horde, participating in The Wars against The Alliance, spilling blood, gaining honor. Yet, one day, he heard a call, not from The Gods, not Elune, but from The Earthmother. He saw the destruction of nature, the balance of the world was at the brink of mayhem. He traverses the lands to this day, to bring peace.... The Moon Can Only Light Our Path, A Path To Reach....Destiny...


The Hunt Begins

Camp Narache, a quaint little village in Mulgore, Land of The Tauren. A stout tauren makes his way towards The Mesa, with his Wooden Staff in hand. He sees one! Lifting his arms, palms toward his target, his powers at his peak. He chants a spell and the sky forms over the target's head and sends a ray of light down on the helpless beast. He carries The Plainstrider on his back and takes it home, to gain his honor, to bring balance...or so he thought.

The Rites of The Earthmother


Ishan is nowhere to be found in game. I play on a PVE server but i love roleplaying. I got hacked and my account was merged with someone's account. Strength and Honor to you Ishan, may the earthmother bring you back.


Stuns, Fear, Warlocks, Sub Rogues, Ret Paladins, Holy/Disc Priests.


The Moon Can Only Light Our Path, A Path To Reach....Destiny...


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