Jakino D'Liro

Jakino D'liro is the last generation to go through the D'Liro family, looking for his lost family around Azeroth. He uses The Crimson Hand for both his own personal goals, as well as a place of sanctuary from the threats that surround him. These threats are unknown in the majority, but he knows his enemies and will do nothing to stop them from slaughtering his kin.

Following an experiment from a crazed warlock known as Santern Deface, he was the first person to of participated in an experiment to form a new breed of Warrior - The Mandrakes, he has since then fled from these warlocks in fear of his own image:

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Out of Character

Jakino is a Blood Elf Rogue from Moonglade-EU (RP),and has participated in storylines such as Moonglade's Royal Council of Silvermoon(source: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=2252466640&sid=1), and The New Shadow Councl (source: [1][2], refer: Burgrsch).

While he has yet to contribute anything positive by himself, he is always willing to RP and is unlikely to abandon Roleplaying in the near future. He has recieved numerous complaints from other members of the Moonglade Community also because of his voiced opinion, and the poor context he speaks his views on, although this has yet to cause any real damage.

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