Jexxii Sparkbolts
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Vital statistics
Title Jexxii Sparkbolts
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Faction Alliance
Class Warlock
Profession Engineer
Health Health
Level Level
Status Alive
Location Unknown


    Jexxii was born in Gnomeregan. He was only five years old when his city was taken over. As Jexxii grew up her turned out to be an amazing warlock. He has made many friends over the years but just as much enemies. He is mostly known for being a perv. Jexxii


Early Life

    Jexxii grew up in a harsh life. His father worked very hard in Gnomeregan as an engineer to make some money for his family. Jexxii's mother was a warlock who trained other gnomes. Jexxii had a sister who was crazy over magic(which she had an addiction for that would soon take her over). Jexxii was mostly alone in Gnomeregan. He has a couple of friends. One day Jexxii and his father found her mother/wife dead. Jexxii's life was being torn apart. And a few days later the troggs came and attacked Gnomeregan.





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