The human stranger said "My name is Lord Baromir, and you and me need to have a long chat........" The human stepped into the room and Drathos noticed that he, carried a book on a chain, and a mace. He thought 'Ah 'ave seen people like 'im before, he be one of them Paladins' Baromir was wearing plate armor polished bright, showing the bright colours that most of the paladins that had been good enough to become high lords. He also had adoned a tabard with a golden crown upon his chest.

"Wha' yah want with me?" Drathos said as hit sat up and focused on the paladin walking in and sitting on the edge of the bed. "As I said young sir dwarf, I am Lord Baromir and I command a special part of the army called The Royal Guardians" as Baromir said this he patted his tabard to show how proud he was of it. "Yeah! But what it got'er do with me?" said Drathos with distain. Baromir laughed and clapped with joy.

"You sir, I would like to be my second in command. I saw what was left of them dreaded Orcs and I was very, very impressed. Where did you learn to fight like that?" Drathos got up, got dressed and walked to the door and turned to Baromir and said "I don't fight." With that comment Baromir looked at Drathos with shock. Drathos continued to walk out of the room, stumbled and was quickly caught by Baromir. "Your still weak, but you will recover. Come with me" Baromir supported Drathos out of the barracks and as they entered the open air, there was a mighty roar of cheers and there infront of Drathos and Baromir was rows upon rows of Humans, Dwarfs and Gnomes bowing.

"You see sir dwarf, what you did was a mighty task, and I want you to be my second in command, protecting the King of Stormwind." Drathos roared with laughter "Ah is just a blacksmith, ah aint no warrior, and ah aint no protector." Baromir looked at Drathos with a look of such seriousness that Drathos knew that this Paladin was not joking. "Ah yah got a deal lad, but ah have one request" Baromir grinned and said "Name it." Drathos walked forward and turned to Baromir "Ah make me own armor, weapons and ah get mah revenge on them Orcs."

Baromir said just one word "Done....."

Over the years Drathos and Baromir became great friends, almost like brothers. Baromir retired from active combat and became a teacher at Stormwind Cathedral teaching the ways of the light to apprentice paladins, and Drathos became the General of The Royal Guardians and during combat with the Fel Orcs of the Hellfire Citadel went missing never to return to they thought.

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