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Kalimdor is one of the western continents in Azeroth. It is located to the west of the Eastern Kingdoms, southwest of Northrend, and northwest of Pandaria. A large sea called the Great Sea lies in between all the continents.


The land can be divided into three major regions known as North Kalimdor, Central Kalimdor, and South Kalimdor. Several sources vary on how it is divided. However, the WoW manual divides it into Northern and Southern Kalimdor. 

Originally, Kalimdor was the home to the Night Elves for ten thousands of years between the War of the ANcients and the Battle of Mount Hyjal. In the years since, the night elves have given way as the taurens accepted new allies, the orcs and the trolls. With the crash arrival of the draenei, a new race inhabited Kalimdor.

Presently, the continent is politically divided as the Horde has established a strong presence in the central and eastern areas.  The night elves and draenei keep footholds in the northern regions.

Current Races

Many races call Kalimdor home. 

Races Native to Kalimdor
Blue Dragonflight Bronze Dragonflight Centaur Dark Troll Draenei
Dyrad Furbolg Goblin Green Dragonflight Human
Jungle Troll Keeper of the Grove Makrura Naga Night Elf
orc ogre Qiraji Quillboar Sandtroll
Satyr Tauren Dwarf Fire Elementals Core Hounds

Current Rulers

After Grommash Hellscream is defeated at the Siege of Orgrimmar, Vol'jin is named as Warchief of the Horde.

Current Rulers
Warchief of the Horde : Vol'jin
Darkspear trolls Vol'jin
Draenei Valen
Humans Jaina Proudmoore
Night Elves Tyrande Whisperwind
Tauren Baine Bloodhoof
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