Karduk Al'thon
Guild The Old Lordaeron
Gender Male
Race Undead
Class Warlock
Faction Horde


Karduk Al'thon, lived his youth in Hillsbrad foothills, he worked as a farmer for his father. Before reaching his manhood, Karduk discovered that he had magical abilities, and his father took him to Dalaran, in there he learned his ways of magic but ultimately left Dalaran, after spending some years in there, he had decided to seek other forms of magic.

After searching the world for magic for some years, he returned to Lordaeron, interested in this plague that had been rumoured to have a magical source.

His lust for magic however was his undoing, and he was taken by the scourge in Andorhal.

After rising in undeath, he discovered his abilities to enslave demons and the use of dark magic. Not many days after his rise, he found his way to a group of Forsaken known as "The Soulfall Enclave". Serving now under the command of Master Shereth, he was made a Lord of the warlock kind, but later on stepped down as a new Lord would take his place, Zargoth.

Sometime later many forsaken guilds united and created a guild known as "The Old Lordaeron" The Soulfall Enclave one one of the many guild to join it.

After spending some time in this guild, Karduk found out something disturbing in the Blasted Lands, as something infiltraded his body and mind, something he calls "The voices".

Shortly after he was made an "Honorary Lord" by Master Zargoth, the current patriarch of The Old Lordaeron.

He passed away in shadowmoon valley, trhough a conflict he had with his servant.

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