Katsa de Noves
Guild Froststeel Company
Gender Female
Race Half-elf
Class Rogue
Faction Unknown


Lady Katsa de Noves

(She never refers to herself as such due to her heritage)


The Beginning.

Katsa was born due to the greedy nature of her father and his love of obtaining the "unreachable". His elven mistress was fed a numerous amount of potions, elixirs and poisons in an attempt to make his child superior to the other children who occupied his land. This failed, however, and soon led the Mistress to become ill and die during child birth. The only visable effect that her father could see was the mismatched colour of his child's eyes (One blue and the other green).


During her childhood she was trained in the art of pickpocketing, stealth and scouting by games she played with her father throughout her childhood. As she grew older the games soon turned into drills and become more heavy dealing with thievery, poisons and eventually assassination.

The Great Escape.

Though her father was a well known Lord, he was known to dable within the underworld establishing himself with a network of dealers, rogues and informants. A few years ago, her father was found out for treason and his home raided by those he had doublecrossed which lead to his death. Katsa, now a young women, was able to escape her impending doom with the aid of her father's distraction before he had met his demise.


Lord Asher de Noves. (deceased) Father.
Alayis Erendal (deceased) Mother/Elven Mistress of Lord Asher de Noves.


Upon looking at Katsa you can see that her muscles are defined and well toned showing a great skill at endurance and fighting. One of her eyes is green while the other blue. There is no glow to either of them, it appears to have simply just been a defect at birth. There is also a feint scar that runs down her right eye from just above her eyebrow to above her jaw. Katsa is quite closed off, she barely shows any emotions and is known to be quite heartless. Her past is locked off into the back of her mind and she never speaks of either her family, her heritage or were she came from.


“Save your breath!”

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