Korr Zorash
Korr wearing her Nightshade armor
Guild Violent Noise
Gender Female
Race Orc
Class Rogue
Faction Horde

General Information

  • Age: 24.
  • Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy.
  • Birthplace: Unknown.
  • Languages: Orcish only, but well spoken and articulate; a sophisticated accent.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
  • Pets: Aamon, wolf mount. Belleth, Darkspear raptor mount.


A young female orc with intense yet forgiving and soft eyes. Her complexion is dark and desaturated. She is well built and walks firmly and proudly. Her hair appears groomed, and she looks unusally clean and wholesome for an orc. The sigil of Ravenholdt Manor is tattoed on the back of her lower neck.


Born during the orcs' search for a land to call their own, Korr was sent to Ravenholdt Manor by her parents at a very early age, along with her three sisters; Yethika, Bethenta and Manichy, with Korr being the eldest of the four siblings. Her father had a strong friendship with Master Kang, and he wanted his children to grow up safely, out of harm's way. As Korr and her sisters were raised among the humans of the manor, being protected by them throughout her childhood, she never developed the hatred for the pinkskins to the extent of her Horde bethren. Master Kang taught the girls tolerance and respect as well as combat potency and the ways of the shadows.

When the girls had reached their mid-teens, Kang considered their training complete, and sent them home, to Orgrimmar, the new capitol of the Horde. When they arrived they were greeted by their uncle Borstan, who told Korr and her sisters that their parents were missing after being sent off to Northrend some years ago during the demon invasion. The lives of Korr and her sisters now consist of perfecting their combat skills while gathering information and armaments. Northrend is a dangerous place, and they will need to be ready for the greatest challenge they will ever face.

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Korr isn't particularly outgoing, but she is always friendly, courteous and helpful to any stranger who seeks her out. She believes that talking is only half as important as listening, and so she will rarely speak unless spoken to. Korr is obsessed with personal freedom, and she will never let anyone tell her what to do or think, or let anyone tie her down. She is however very loyal, and will put herself on the line for the greater good of her Horde brethren and her friends and family. Despite being a very potent fighter, Korr never seeks out conflict; She will not fight anyone she doesn't consider a threat to her or to those she hold dear.

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