Kyelv Sorel
Kyelv Sorel image.jpg
Guild Regiment of Theramore
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Paladin
Faction Alliance

Kyelv Sorel was the Admiral of the Regiment of Theramore, and also brother of the Order of the Sword's former High Priestess, Elosai Sorel. Before his death, he left the regiment and was flagged by many as a deserter. Because of this, he left the isle and travelled back to the Eastern Kingdoms, where he eventually ended up aiding Inell, Cierran and Zakirus in their quest in reclaiming Galardell.


Name: Kyelv Sorel
Birthplace: Andorhal, Lordaeron
Resting place: Theramore Isle
Family: -

  • Elosai Sorel (sister, deceased)
  • Derrek Sorel (brother)
  • Cierran Galahand (nephew)


Kyelv was born sixteen years before the Third War. His father took him into service of the Lordaeron Army, leaving Kyelv's mother, sister and brother behind. He rose to the rank of Sergeant, before leaving the regiment to follow Jaina Proudmoore to Kalimdor. There he served as a Commodore in her regiment for two years; and when the Admiral was killed in action, he became the next Admiral, leading the Regiment.

Many years later, he was attacked during a mission accompanying Highlord Tristam Galahand, hunting a demon in Stormwind City (who was formerly a Lieutenant in the Regiment of Theramore before becoming possessed). The demon almost killed Kyelv, though luckily Kyelv survived the attack, and as the demon turned to Tristam (which resulted in it's death), Kyelv managed to escape.

He spent two weeks in hospital, and the only news he heard from Theramore was that they had forgotten him and promoted Commander Nimarij Tavis'hon to Admiral in a flash. Feeling banished and unwanted, Kyelv went missing for two weeks. But then, Lieutennant Toulkas Shadelash found Kyelv as a deserter captain in the Dustwallow Marsh. Toulkas dragged him back to Theramore, to Tristam. Kyelv explained his initiation to the deserters simply because he wanted to feel proud to wear the tabard once again. Tristam reassigned Kyelv as the Admiral. Though Kyelv was the proud Admiral of Theramore's regiment again, his men did not view him as such. Many soldiers disagreed with Tristam's decision, not trusting a deserter to be an Admiral. Kyelv left his post, boarding a ship to Stormwind Harbor, deciding to leave his life as an Admiral, soldier and citizen of Theramore in the past. Kyelv became a blacksmith of Stormwind, before he moved to Booty Bay to further his skills there.

Six months later, when Kyelv learnt of Tristam Galahand's suicide, he discovered from rumours of the tavern that before Tristam's death he had dispersed three 'stone keys' that would unlock Galardell from it's hidden tomb beneath Northshire Abbey. Intrigued, Kyelv stole one of the keystones from Melkorius, seeking the other two after to unlock Galardell for himself in order to regain his respect and possibly resume his post on Theramore. His plan soon failed as Zakirus Valor and Cierran Galahand beat him to them. After Zakirus and Cierran, aided by Inell Galahand, unlocked Galardell, the Abbot of Northshire Abbey who had trained Zakirus and Cierran stole the sword from them, and disappeared after. Kyelv learnt of this, and offered his help to them in getting the sword back.

Studying in the Abbey a few weeks later, Kyelv heard banging and raised voices above him. Stepping into the Main Hall to investigate, he was quickly ambushed by ghouls who pinned him to the ground, but refrained from harming him. A nerubian stepped over to him and the ghouls dispersed. Kyelv heard Inell scream his name from upstairs, before the nerubian attacked and bit Kyelv, then left him, poisoned. Tristam walked out into the Main Hall from upstairs and crafted a death gate, and stared Kyelv in the eye. Tristam looked behind him to Inell and grabbed her by the wrist, and took her with him through the death gate. Silence overran the Abbey, as Kyelv laid on the floor unable to shout for help. Poisoned and in unimaginable pain, Kyelv began to drag himself out of the Abbey. A guard noticed Kyelv and rushed him to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind on horseback to have the priests there heal him.

A week later Kyelv awoke in the Cathedral. His bite on his neck was bandaged up and a priestess sat infront of him, smiling. She explained that the venom within his body was not yet out of his system, and she asked Kyelv to stay within the Cathedral for six months to prevent further injury and for his wound to heal. Kyelv accepted and the priestess left him. As soon as the coast was clear, Kyelv got out of bed and made his way out of the Cathedral, knowing he had to rescue Inell and stop Tristam. Out in the Cathedral Square, he felt his neck burn, but tried to ignore it. Mounting up outside the city's gates, he proceeded back to the Abbey. Standing in the Main Hall, he felt the burning continue. He undid his bandage to reveal his wound. Two large fang bites were in his left shoulder, encrusted in dried blood and venom. He felt it sting as the air reached it. Suddenly, he felt his vision go. His mouth started to bleed and he felt his pulse increase rapidly. He fell to his knees in pain, and having heard Kyelv's shouting a cleric from a nearby room rushed to Kyelv's aid. Kyelv made it back to the Cathedral alive, the cleric having carried his unconcious body all the way from the Abbey. But this time it was too late, and Kyelv died several hours later.

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