Lain Givina.png
Name: Lain Givina

Lain Seyvon

(After Marrying Raylan Seyvon)

Age at Death:48
Affiliation:Cathedral of Light
Allignment:Neutral Good
Weapon(s) Of Choice:Staff (Hardly resorts to Combat)
Race: Human
Relatives:Raylan Seyvon (Husband)

Lokai Seyvon (Son)

Surlon Seyvon (Son)

Unmentioned Daughter


Lain was born to a Well-faring farmer and his wife in Westfall, Lain was sent to an expensive School in Moonbrook where she learned to become a priest along with Gryan Stoutmantle, her first Boyfriend, and Raylan Seyvon, her Best friend. The three were unseperatable, but eventually Gryan had to move instantly ending the teenage relationship. She was heartbroken and even got to the point of willing to stop Priesthood. But she was supported by Raylan and eventually fell in love with him instead, But Raylan moved to Paladinhood as soon as it was discovered by Uther Lightbringer and his Mentor.

Lain's conflict

Lain graduated priesthood and married Raylan shortly afterwards before Bishop Benedictus who later became an Archbishop. She gave birth to a son who she raised almost entirely on her own as her husband went into the First War, After that Raylan came and thought the young boy how to be a man. but before he could finish his teachings to his son he had to enlist in the Army once more as the Second War broke out, during this time she gave birth to another son which she named Surlon after one of her Ancestors. She had then come in conflict between her family and her priesthood, but trough times bad and good she managed to sustain both, as Lokai grew he was taught to take care of Surlon while she was doing her duties as a priestess. it all worked out in the end.

Lain's Despair

The Third War changed everything for Lain, This was the only time that Raylan had stayed with his family longer then 10 years and he was enlisted for a third time. She protested heavilly but Raylan eventually took part, and so did his sons, She pleaded that he'd take good care of Surlon and Lokai. He did.. But Raylan himself didn't return. He was lost in battle. and she never saw her sons again because they were never home. She gave birth to a daughter during the third war.

of who will be revealed alot more information later.

A mysterious necromancer ended Lain's torment during the attack on Stormwind Harbor. Her body was recovered by the priests. And she was buried in Westfall on the destroyed farm which was once her home.

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