Guild Dark Embrace
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Warlock
Faction Alliance


Lady Lashela Greystroke Alania (Lady Alania)

Physical Traits

A red-haired woman around her early 30s, always a grin drawn on her lips. Her manners are cold, but extremely polite, though her gaze feels derogatory and arrogant.

Lashela's body build is extremely slim, with very stressed hips, and flat chested, though the features are beautiful and delicate. Her light green eyes seem to glow slightly.

Race and Class

Female human. Witch (Warlock).


The Dark Embrace


Mistress of the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind.


Last child of the Greystroke family, from Lordaeron. Any member of the family, though, will deny any relationship with her. Daughter of Morgan Greystroke, and Lashela Alania, both deceased. Matron of the Alania family (See House Alania).


Any trace of Lashela's past is very hard to find, as if someone carefully erased every record of it, most of it just small bits.

Lashela started studies as priestess of the light in her home city, Stratholme, but was soon expelled from the order. Her teachers said she questioned everything and could not "embrace the light" because of those doubts beyond faith.

After that she moved to Dalaran, where excelled at magic studies. Few mentions regarding this matter, specially after the last war. Looks like she was a classmate of Jaina Proudmoore, and established a (one-way) rivalty with her.

The last record, until a couple of years ago, speaks of she and the rests of the Greystroke family establishing in Southshore.

She is currently the head mistress of the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind, built again after the kingdom of Lordaeron was destroyed by The Scourge.

As well, she is the matron of House Alania.

Criminal Record

Clean, though it is believed she is the one leading the organization known as The Dark Embrace, but no proof has ever been found.


  • Lashela allows no-one to call her by her first name, instead forcing others to call her either Lady Alania or Baroness Alania.
  • The ancient rugged book that carries everywhere with her is her spell grimoire, that belonged previously to her mother, and to her grandmother.
  • Many rumours state that she is an excellent dancer. However, no one has seen her dance, not even in private balls.
  • Lashela Alania gathers names as goblins gather money . The most known nickname is The Crimson Mage (or The Crimson Warlock at her back) in the city, because of her usual clothing combinations. Commoners named her Queen of Snakes (the snakes being the members of the Alania family).
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