Lendir Strafesire
Guild Exiled Shadow
Gender Unknown
Race Blood Elf
Class Unknown
Faction Horde

Lendir Strafesire is a member of the Exiled Shadow, a Burning Crusade guild on the... realm. Below is his application to the Exiled Shadow as it appeared originally.


Greetings Kysha and Rimki,

I would first like to point out that I'm sorry it has taken me so long to track you down. I heard of what happened between you both and Silvermoon though the details of what I know are scratchy, perhaps we could discuss the issue further? Excuse me, that was incredibly rude. Here I am prying into your past without even introducing myself. My name is Lendir and I am of the Strafesire lineage. It isunlikely you will have heard of us as wel have always played a quiet and solitary part of life in Silvermoon, but be assured that we have long served Silvermoon, up until recently anyway.

Unfortunately I am the last of the Strafesires as far as I am aware. Certain experiments into the great arcane caused my family to combust. I do not know what happened as the study of the arcane has always seemed dull to me. It may seem that I am speaking of this tragedy rather light-heartedly, but you should know that my family never cared much for me. They believed that our addiction to magic could be cured you see, something which I don't believe is possible. This led to several feuds between myself and the remainder of my family and gradually I simply stopped caring for them. The only reason I know that my family have all deceased due to their foolish experimentation is due to a coincidence that I was in Silvermoon at the time of the funeral.

I digress however. Despite our less than friendly links I do still feel some sort of emptiness at the loss of my family, but have decided that perhaps I can fill this void by aiding others in their quest for a higher magic, which could be used for the betterment of the Sin'Dorei. Unfortunately I am not very adept at using our natural arcane gifts. Instead I believe that perhaps I may be able to acquire ingredients and equipment that may be needed in the pursuit of knowledge. I ask that you please aid me in my desire for a cure that it is possible my family were on the brink of discovering. I await your response eagerly, and hope that in the future we can become good acquaintances.


Lendir Strafesire

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