"My loyalty to the Forsaken is equal to mine with the rest of the Horde, after all, it required both an orc and one of yours to start my "unholy existence", hm?" ~ Leugim speaking of his allegiances to Gazorra the Val'kyr

Leugim Santangelo
Title None
Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Age 18 (Died at 17)
Height 184 meters
Weight 64 kg
Level 90
Class Warrior, Monk
Affiliation(s) Horde
Former affiliation(s) The Undercity Battalion, Forsaken Watchers, Stormwind (Alliance)
Status Alive
Relations Maria Santangelo (mother), Miguel Rodrigues (Father), Unnamed relatives of Maria at Stormwind (uncle, grandparents)


Early Life

Child of a Pseudohero

Year 11-15 ADP

Leugim was born as Miguel Augusto at the town of Lakeshire, son of Maria Santangelo and Miguel Rodrigues. While Maria Santangelo was just a common citizen, Rodrigues was a successful Captain of the Lakeshire Guard, he was a local hero for his incredible deeds in the battles against the Blackrock clan in the region. However, behind this hero, lied an arrogant monster of a father...one of the most recurring visions of Miguel's past is perhaps the traumatizing sights of his father smacking his mother in the face when he was only 2 years old. Countless were the days in which Miguel witnessed his mother being beaten by his father. Of course it wasn't on a daily basis, when Rodrigues wasn't beating his wife he was saying horrible things to her and constantly and fighting, such sights confused the baby and had influence over it's mind, hence why his first word was in fact a whole sentence: "Stop hurting!". The day of Miguel's first words was perhaps the only day in which he managed to convince his father to stop beating his mother, the brutish man was so surprised that he and Maria shared their first -and only- moment of affection ever since the beginning of their marriage. During Miguel's first day as a 4 years old child, Rodrigues decided that the boy would follow his path as a warrior, after telling that to his son, the child replied by saying: "I don't want smash and cut people, daddy, I wanna learn funny spells to help family and make people happy...Arcane is so funny, I want to be like those 'magies' that visited the town yesterday.". After lending a brutal smack on the child's left cheek, Rodrigues said that he wasn't asking if his son wished to be a warrior, he said that the boy would become one. This was the first time in which Miguel was victim of his father's violence...the first of many... The training began shortly after the event cited above, a inhumane training...

Path of the Warrior

Year 15 ADP

Rodrigues would immobilize his son and cover his eyes with a bandana and abandon him in different parts of the region on a daily basis, leaving Miguel with only a small iron sword and an old buckle to defend himself, the boy's objective in the training was, after removing the bandana, to find the way back home alone using solely the equipment given to him. During the first six weeks, Miguel always got lost and his angry father had to spend hours looking for him, normally finding the boy hiding in a bush or near a tree, but always with marks of teeth and claws on his whole body, but the young Augusto got used to it over the course of time, he began to successfully return home wherever he was abandoned and with less wounds, in fact, there was a point in which he even began to return home with chunks of boar meat for his mother to cook for dinner. Once Miguel learned to walk around Redridge, his father would challenge his extremely tired son to duels once he returned home, should Rodrigues consider the boy too weak and unprepared, he would carry Augusto to their house and beat the child exactly the same way he did with the kid's mother. Maria tried to interfere several times, but she was locked in her room with chains preventing her to leave her bed and covering her face with one of his old helmets, preventing that her screams go through the house's walls. Being forced through all this training and seeing this and other atrocities done by his father, the young child soon began to feel the taste of hatred and desire for revenge. Although he tried to keep it to himself, Miguel's face would never hide how the kid was feeling. Because of this intense daily training, Miguel had to study at home for he didn't have time to go to any school, and because of his father's tyranny and limited contact with other people, the boy wasn't a sociable person.

The child who had enough

Year 17 ADP

Two years later, Miguel was fed up of his father's horrible deeds and decided to denounce him, the six years old kid stormed the town hall and rushed to the mayor's room. The mayor recognized him as Rodrigues's son and decided to hear what the boy had to say, Miguel told everything his father did to both he and his mother, the mayor was surprised that a war hero like Rodrigues would do something like that, he went to their house alongside a few guards to investigate. But all he found was his mother cleaning the house while Rodrigues was training with a dummy, a guard noticed the woman's wounds and questioned Rodrigues about it, Rodrigues said that the Blackrock clan had managed to storm his house and that Maria tried to defend it, she was spanked but Rodrigues and Miguel managed to save her life and repel the invaders. Of course he was lying, but there truly was a Blackrock invasion to Lakeshire two days before Miguel's denounce. Because of this unfortunate coincidence, the mayor and the guards believed in the vile man's words. Maria and Miguel tried to convince the mayor that Rodrigues was lying, the mayor got angry that they were being so ingrate to their hero, and left the house. From this day on, nobody would believe in Maria nor Miguel's words, and Rodrigues's figure as a hero was reinforced, being called a "martyr who had to fight both the threats of Lakeshire and his evil family that tried to corrupt his image". Hours later after the mayor left the family's house, Rodrigues made his wife faint with a kick in the head and spanked Augusto, father and son resumed the forced training in the next day.

Unexpected Friendship

Year 17 ADP

On the aforementioned "next day", Miguel was trying to find his way back home, but it was being harder than before because he couldn't walk nor defend himself properly due to his wounds after his father beat him in the previous day. Suddenly, he found someone, a 11 years old girl resting near a tree, wearing a twill clset, with a long black hair and cat eyes, Augusto was curious about her presence -he thought he was the only child left behind in the middle of the region- and decided to approach her. The girl stared the boy as he approached her, at first she didn't seem so welcoming, but after looking at his wounds her face was covered with worry. Without saying a word, she rose and grabbed Augusto by his shoulders and helped him to sit down, she sit in front of him, and the two began to chat. She introduced herself was Asiral Dornelles, the surname sounded familiar because there was a small Dornelles family at Lakeshire, after Augusto asked her if she was also from the same town as he, her answer was positive. Asiral preferred to spend her time among the trees and wild animals rather than among humans and their towns, she said that her house was a nightmare and that nature seemed to comfort her and give the energy she needed to deal with her parents once she returned home. Asiral was horrorified after hearing Miguel's description of his house and father, she heard of his father as a hero of Lakeshire and couldn't imagine he was such a monster, unlike the mayor, she believed the boy. They felt sympathetic of each other, Asiral invited Miguel to spend the afternoon with her in the wilds of Redridge, she said she would enjoy the company of someone who felt similar to her when it came to family matters, the boy accepted with a smile on his wounded face. During that time, they talked about nature, the animals, and the possible reasons of their respective families' problems as she tended Miguel's wounds using leaves and herbs. During the early evening, the duo returned to Lakeshire and went to their respective houses. For the first time ever since the begin of the training, Miguel returned with a smile in his face, his parents asked him the reason, the child lied saying that "training just got interessing" and that he even learned how to make bandages, his father opened a grim smile, but he did nothing other than testing his son's skills that day. Lucky for not being beaten that day, Miguel's wounds started to recover thanks for Asiral's improvised bandages. In the next day, Asiral and Miguel found each other, both kids temporarily forgetting about their problems because of joy provided by the surprise. Using their knowledge of the region to go to the place where they first met while talking about the news of their lives in the way, Miguel then said that he wanted to see Asiral always when he was forced to wander around Redridge, the smiling Asiral then replied by marking that place place where they were as their "hideout". Thus, the duo spent every single afternoon together, returning to Lakeshire when night was about to fall, Asiral always tending to Miguel's wounds from his father's aggression and Miguel protecting her from wandering hostile presences, such as Blackrock orcs, spiders and gnolls. Sometimes, Miguel would accompany Asiral to her house and would stay near her room's window, hearing as the Dornelles girl played some songs in her piano, Asiral's second most favorite activity.

World of Warcraft

Year 25 ADP

To Fight Against our Fathers

Miguel's life remained like this for eight years: Father spanking Mother, Father beating Child, Forced Training, Studying with Parents, having problems with the people of Lakeshire due to his and Maria's reputation and spending afternoons with Asiral as his sole relief. But things would change once he became a fourteen years old teenager. Miguel was returning to Lakeshire, this time Asiral chose to accompany Miguel to his house, a strange look on the boy's face, he told Asiral to stay by the house's door, for he would need someone outside, Asiral didn't understand it, but she agreed. Miguel entered his house and found his father trying to hit Maria with a two-handed mace. "I've had enough!", yelled Miguel as he remembered the past years, he decided that he would use his years of training against the person who forced him into it, considering himself strong enough to do justice by his own hands this time. Miguel closed and locked the house's door and ran to his father's room, there, he picked up a two-handed sword and rushed to his mother's room, where she was dodging her husband's attacks. Miguel charged at his father from behind, hitting him in the hindhead with the sword's hilt and proceeding to lend a blow with his knee aimed at the man's spine. After receiving both blows, the angered Rodrigues quickly turned around and tried to smash his son with his mace, but Miguel dodged the attack. Father and son engaged into a fight to the death, the desperate Maria decided to search for help and unlocked the door, finding a shocked Asiral. Asiral introduced herself as a friend whom Miguel met at Redridge, and both went to call the Lakeshire Guard for help. The town heard the sounds, the citizens were curious and scared, a lot of people plus the guard went to Rodrigues's home and the guards broke the fight. After being questioned by a captain of the guard, Miguel said that he couldn't stand what Rodrigues did to him and his mother, however, the reputation that he earned when he was six years old lived on, everyone was about to imprison Miguel for what he did, as more guards tried to immobilize the boy, Asiral and Maria yelled, begging the guards not to do it. Suddenly, a "rage consumed" Rodrigues broke free from the guard that held him and slammed the poor man against the floor, Rodrigues then jumped high into the air and tried to smash his son, but Miguel also broke free from the guards and threw his weapon on his father, Rodrigues was luckily hit in the stomach by the spinning sword's hilt, meaning he wasn't cut or pierced, but still falling back to the ground. Roaring in pain, the bloodthirsty man yelled everything he did to his son and wife throughout his whole life, saying that they deserved everything and that Maria was a "slut" while Miguel was nothing more than his "wayward marionette". Everyone, citizens and guards included, was perplexed with Rodrigues's confession, the sorrow for spending many years distrusting Miguel's words to protect a person as corrupt as the vile father in their minds. Thus, Rodrigues was exiled from Lakeshire as punishment, the weight of his heroic deeds in defense of Lakeshire preventing him from being executed. Upon seeing his father vanishing in the horizon, mother and son embraced each other, overjoyed and crying tears of victory, they were finally free from the villain. From this day on, Miguel began to try to live an ordinary life, Maria restored contact with her parents and brother at Stormwind City thanks to Rodrigues's exile, Miguel said that he would stay with them and study there. Augusto accepted, he really wanted to meet this other side of his family which he never heard of, but said that he would return to Lakeshire after he finished with it and during holidays. After giving his mother a final hug, Miguel went to Asiral's house, she was sad that her only friend would leave, and gave him a big hug, Miguel answered in kind, the boy took his leave with maps of Redridge, Elwynn and Stormwind in hands.

Wrath of the Lich King

Year 27 ADP

Scourge Invasion

Two years later, the life of Miguel and his Stormwind family had it's peace interrupted by a surprise attack from the Scourge, while his grandmother was afraid and decided to lock themselves up completely at the basement of their house, Miguel and his uncle decided to jump into action and join the fray in Stormwind City's defenses while his grandfather, wearing a helmetless [http:/www.wowpedia.org/Battlegear_of_Wrath Battlegear of Wrath] and armed with a pair of Battle Tested Blades, stayed at home to defend it from any incoming enemies. Miguel, equipped with his grandfather's guard gear from before he retired, charged into battle against the zombies that the infected citizens and adventurers of the Alliance became, followed by his uncle in full Vindicator's Battlegear and armed with an Arcanite Reaper.

Miguel wearing his grandfather's old Stormwind Guard gear. He wore this equipment throughout the whole Scourge Invasion.

Two days after the beginning of the invasion, Miguel was surrounded by a swarm of Plague Zombies as he defended the Cathedral Square, he managed to hold his ground alone for the first ten minutes but he was beginning to get tired and their numbers simply did not deplete, luckily, a huge contingent of Stormwind guards and a male dwarf paladin arrived in the nick of time to save him. Thus, Miguel managed to destroy the zombies with the help of the guards and the dwarf adventurer, but he was not safe. Upon returning to his grandparents' basement alongside his uncle, his grandfather pointed to his knee and asked what happened, Miguel then noticed something was wrong, marks of teeth pierced the old plate armor and pierced his flesh, Augusto realized that he was infected. His grandmother began to cry and Augusto became desperate, but his uncle said that the Argent Dawn sent healers to aid in the city's defenses and that they were able to help to purge the afflicted from the infection should one come to them before turning into a zombie. Augusto them rapidly left the basement and ran as fast as he could across Stormwind to find such healers, the plague slowly turning his mind more wild and violent, he brutally beat every single undead he found in his way until he found three Argent Healers at the Old Town, his pupils had become green for the plague's fluids were replacing the water of his eyes, but fortunately the three healers together purged his body from all disease, the young warrior was thankful and returned to battle. On the fourth day of invasion, several Necropolises and lesser undead showed up, which forced Miguel and his uncle to return to their house's basement and stay there until it was over, however, not even their house was safe anymore, they saw Miguel's grandfather locked in combat with three Plague Zombies plus eight lesser ghouls. While the veteran was able to defeat the eight lesser undead by himself, the plagued trio used their vast experiences and strategies from their time as adventurers to their advantage, but the arrival of his son and grandson brought balance to the conflict. The three zombies proved to be formidable opponents to the human trio but the indignation of Miguel's grandmother with the time her relatives were taking to save the house cleansed her mind of all fear and made her join the skirmish armed with a frying pan and a machete and making use of improvised skills of an angry housewife and teacher. The quartet then destroyed the three zombies and repelled the other undead who tried to invade their house again for the following days. However, almost one month later, the Scourge received even more reinforcements, this time being abominations and the mighty frost wyrms, a single Towering Horror was able to overwhelm the combined forces of Miguel and his relatives, but the abomination was terribily wounded by a Penance barrage sent by a male night elf priest alongside two clerics of the church, which allowed the family to counterattack by dismantling the beast's body with a triple Bladestorm attack by Miguel, his grandfather and his uncle. With their house no more due to their battle against the abomination, Miguel and his family retreated to the Cathedral alongside the two clerics while the night elf went to fight in the Dwarven District. At the Cathedral, the family helped the priests in the defense of the building as a mean of retribution. This mutual aid would pay off later, for when the Scourge invasion was finally repelled, some priests paid the reconstruction of the Santangelo family's house in order to give them their thanks for helping to protect the Cathedral.


Year 28 ADP

Return to Lakeshire

Miguel on the day he returned to Lakeshire.

Three years after Miguel's arrival at Stormwind and some months before he became 17 years old, Miguel was forced to return to Lakeshire for his family at Stormwind was wiped out by Deathwing's invasion to the city, they were walking around the park while Miguel was pondering about his life at the Cathedral of Light. Augusto was welcomed warmly by his mother, Maria's wounds from many years of spanking were incredibly healed in this three years period, the young man gave her the news of his grandparents' and his uncle's demise, the two then were suddenly silent, they walked to their house, it was totally different from Rodrigues's time, and Maria said that while she felt like she lost a portion of her heart with their deaths, nothing would surpass the relief of seeing that her son was alive and well. Miguel spent some hours with Santangelo, to help his mother recover from the bad news and to know their new house, then he went to Asiral's house, but the house was empty. Afraid that his friend was gone, he ran to their old "hideout", and surprisingly found her, crying while sitting near a tree. Miguel sat down in front of her and asked what happened, she looked deeply into the man's eyes, and recognized her old friend, hugging him and stating that his presence had just dried some of her tears. Asiral's parents moved to Stormwind City and abandoned her at Lakeshire. Miguel then decided to take Asiral to live with him and his mother, he didn't want his friend to stay forsaken, Asiral hesitated at first, but she accepted. With the coming of the Cataclysm came an increase in the Blackrock threat, thus, Miguel decided to use the skills he was forced to learn for the safety of Maria, Asiral and Lakeshire, working alongside the Lakeshire Guard as a civilian volunteer, using his own weapons and armor. Much time later in the same year, shortly after the defeat of Deathwing, Miguel found a mortally injured orcish spy named Beggar Stripribs during one of his scouts around the region, Miguel was ready to kill the orc rogue but Stripribs asked that the human heard his tale first. Beggar was in fact spying the Blackrock clan since Thrall was still Warchief and only recently was he finally discovered, but Stripribs managed to escape death. Miguel decided that the orc represented no threat since he was also an enemy of the Blackrock and started to take care of Beggar until his wounds were fully healed. Beggar spent days hidden in the proximities of Lakeshire, recovering from his wounds with the help of the human, over the course of time, human and orc became friends, Stripribs would often tell the human stories about the Horde, such as how he escaped his internment camp with the help of Thrall, and Miguel would talk about how his father forced him to be something he didn't want to and how he dealt with it.


When Beggar was almost fully healed, he was found by a citizen of Lakeshire. The Lakeshire Guard was quickly called to imprison Beggar, but Miguel stood in their way, he tried to convince the guards by telling the orc's history to them, but it was all in vain, the guards were still eager to take Stripribs as prisoner for he was a member of the Horde. Maria and Asiral arrived in the scene, Santangelo looked at the orc and then to her son and asked him what was the meaning of that. Miguel explained the whole situation to the two worried women and asked their help to convince the guards to leave Beggar alone, Maria told Miguel to let the soldiers do their job, "But the enemy of our enemies is our ally...and in this case, he's my friend.", replied Miguel. Upon hearing that, Asiral placed herself beside Miguel and both stood as a human wall against the guards, the soldiers said that if they didn't let them pass to get the orc, they'd be considered traitors of the Alliance, Beggar told Miguel not to worry about him, he didn't want to cause any trouble to the man. Feeling that her son was threatened and seeing that the orc did care about Miguel, she also put herself beside Augusto. Miguel told Beggar to run and charged against the Lakeshire guards, but Beggar refused to do so, he wouldn't abandon his friend, the one who saved his life, the rogue joined the battle. Asiral and Maria joined the fray wielding small axes that used to belong to Rodrigues. In a certain point of the battle, Miguel was grievously wounded, the worried eyes of Maria widening to immense proportions, in her anger, she threw her axe in the face of one of the guards, Asiral yelled as if she felt her friend's pain, kicking a soldier in the stomach and slicing his face with her axe. Beggar quickly grabbed the dying Miguel in his arms and ran away with the human, Maria and Asiral giving chase, Stripribs wanted to take Miguel to a place where he could recover, the trio went to his and Asiral's "hideout", where Dornelles began to desperately grab leaves and herbs, Beggar laid Miguel near a tree and went to help Asiral while Maria attempted to stop the bleeding. In order to keep her son focused on living, Maria began to talk with him, Miguel's voice getting weaker by each passing second, but always answering his mother as he admired their efforts to keep him alive. Beggar and Asiral returned with improvised bandages, Miguel observed as his old friend covered his wounds with such bandages while the orc kept looking at his surroundings to check any menance in a paranoid manner, a wide smile in his face and his eyes almost closing. After vomiting a small quantity of blood, Miguel's skin became extremely pale, he ordered his mother and friends to stop, he raised both hands and said that life was forsaking him and that he wished to spend his last moments with those whom he cared, then he looked at his mother and launched a different glance at Asiral while completing with: "...and loved...", Asiral grabbed Augusto's left hand while Beggar held the right one and Maria raised Miguel's head and put it on her lap. The tears of friendship covered his hand while the tears of a mother seemed to bless his mind when falling on his forehead, Miguel was feeling lighter by each tear that fell on his extremely pale skin. Asiral said that the time she spent with him, mainly those afternoons at Redridge's wild, was guarded in a special place in her heart and proceeded to embrace the dying man, Maria kept saying that he had to resist, but all Miguel did was smile, he said he accepted dying for doing the right thing, Beggar then promised him he would give Miguel a second life, no matter the cost. After nodding at Beggar, his smile faded and his eyes slowly closed, the young warrior died. Asiral's and Maria's cries became huge yells of pain, scaring the nearby wildlife and even the Blackrock nearby, Beggar rose and grabbed Asiral by her shoulders, took her off the corpse and then held the dead man on his arms. Maria said that she wished to bury her son and asked where was the orc taking him, Stripribs said that he would give Miguel a second chance in life and that he'd keep the promise. Asiral and Maria were surprised that he was serious about it, the orc begged that they trusted him, but warned that depending of the method, it might take some time until they can see Miguel again, the desperate duo nodded at the orc and Beggar answered by saying "Lok'tar aka'magosh...sisters." and took his leave. Beggar ran all through the Eastern Kingdoms with the boy's corpse in hands, he stopped by each Horde outpost but no healer there wished to ressurect the human even when Beggar said that he was responsible for saving the orc's life. Beggar then decided to seek the help of the Alliance itself but he was alway attacked before he could explain anything. As a last resort, Beggar took him to the Forsaken village of Deathknell. From that day on, Miguel died forever, and a new being was born using the same body and soul.

Leugim, I am...

Leugim shortly after his dark rebirth.

Beggar arrived at Deathknell, after many failed attempts to ressurect Miguel in other places, Stripribs decided to take desperate measures. Walking around the graveyard of Deathknell with Miguel's corpse in his arms, Beggar begged a val'kyr named Gazorra to raise his friend as one of the Forsaken. For some reason, Gazorra was hesitating to hear the orc's plea even if that meant an increase in Lordaeron's manpower, Beggar put Miguel's corpse in front of the val'kyr and kneeled before her, his face featuring a mix of hatred, despair and huge sadness, he stared Gazorra and the undead creature was able to sense all these feelings as if they had formed an aura around Stripribs's eyes. Undertaker Mordo decided to interfere, after speaking some words in Gutterspeak, Gazorra decided that she would rise Miguel as one of the Forsaken. Once the val'kyr had finished channeling, the corpse opened it's eyes, there was nothing but empty sockets inside, but suddenly a huge glow came from inside those sockets and two ghostly spheres materialized. The corpse rose and looked at his surroundings, clearly confused of what happened, it looked at it's hands, the fingers became claws made of bone, the body seemed to be eternally dormant, the creature was confused, but upon looking at a near death Beggar, it recovered it's memories. The undead Miguel ran to his fallen friend and asked him what happened, Stripribs told his friend about everything he did to ressurect him and decided to do something that only a few orcs did: to ask for forgiveness. Beggar asked Miguel's pardon for undeath was the only sort of rebirth which he was capable to give to the human, and said that Miguel could return to death if he wished so. Miguel was quiet, kneeling before his friend with his right hand on the orc's forehead, the undead observed as the wounds of the orc were open and bleeding once again. Augusto shaked his head, saying that he was eternally grateful by the sole fact that he was given a second chance to live, the old orc rogue opened a wide smile and died shortly after. Gazorra and Mordo asked what was Miguel's decision, the undead rose and stared the undertaker, then rapidly looking to the val'kyr, he said that by having suffered so much at the hands of his own kind and to be granted another chance to live through the sacrifice of an orc and the help of a Forsaken, his rotting heart belonged to the Horde. "Mainly the Forsaken.", the val'kyr stated with a grim smile. Miguel walked in Gazorra's direction and stopped when he was face to face with her, "My loyalty to the Forsaken is equal to mine with the rest of the Horde, after all, it required both an orc and one of yours to start my "unholy existence", hm?", said Miguel with an ironic smile, the newly risen then proceeded to leave the graveyard and go for the church in ruins, he was curious to learn more about his kind. Undertaker Mordo followed him and asked how should he call Miguel other than "new one" or "fresh corpse", Miguel stopped when he was at Deathknell's small iron gate to the graveyard and turned to the forsaken, "Mig...", the memories of his parents and Asiral came to his mind and interrupted his answer, the new undead knew that although he was "alive" once again, there was little to no chance that his mother and Asiral would accept him as he is, thus, he decided to start a new "life" and renamed himself. "...sorry, I mean...Leugim. Leugim Santangelo is the name.", said the former Augusto. Mordo nodded at the fresh corpse and returned to the graves to resume his work. Miguel Augusto was now reborn, even with a new name: Leugim Santangelo. Leugim being his first name backwards, which represents his eternal opposition to his father, and Santangelo being his mother's surname, which is some sort of memento of the person he cared the most in his previous life. Although he knows that his human life no longer belongs to him, Leugim wanted to shape his future as a Forsaken without forgetting what he once were, hence his new name.

The Walking Santangelo

Leugim spent his first week among the locals of Deathknell, asking them to answer some of his questions about undeath and also helping them to deal with the newly risen who went mindless, Santangelo using the deranged zombies as training dummies to adapt his fighting style to his current condition. At the end of that week, Leugim decided to leave Deathknell and go deeper into Forsaken territory, a deathguard named Darnell gave Leugim a map of Tirisfal and suggested that he went to Brill. Leugim had some problems to reach Brill even with the help of a map, getting used to Tirisfal was being harder than he expected. What Santangelo did at Brill was basically the same thing he did while in Deathknell: learning about the ways of his brethen by speaking with the locals and helping to defend Brill from threats other than mindless undead, such as spies from Gilneas. Over the course of time, Leugim adapted the fighting style he was forced to learn to the use of a weapon that his wretched father never managed to master: the polearm.

The Forsaken Watchers

Leugim had a task to accomplish at Garren's Haunt, but he was having problems to find it's place for his map was really limited, that was when a voice came to him asking if he wanted any help. Leugim looked behind him and saw the source of it, an elven woman, but she wasn't like the others, her body was twisted, decomposed, a ear was missing, she was undead. Leugim looked at her sole eye, his memories from his three years at Stormwind made him recognize that icy glow: she was a Death Knight. Santangelo at first thought he could deal with it by himself, and politely refused the woman's aid, after several minutes trying to find the location of Garren's Haunt without success, Leugim reconsidered and went to Brill's town hall to seek help. He found the same undead elf there, and decided to accept her aid this time, the woman marked the location in Leugim's map, Santangelo thanked the woman and mentioned that he was still getting used to Tirisfal Glades for he was recently risen, he was about to take his leave when the elven woman told him to wait, Leugim turned back to her and shrugged.

The elven death knight introduced herself as General Mebahiah of the Darkwatch, she asked if Leugim wasn't interessed in joining an organization known as the Forsaken Watchers, stating that it would be good for his adaptation to undeath and that they even had a program to help the newly risen. Leugim didn't hide his interest but remarked that he wouldn't join a group which he knew little more than nothing, the two than began to talk about it. After hearing Mebahiah's extensive description of who were the Watchers and what they did, Leugim decided that he would join their ranks.

Leugim, shortly after acquiring his new gear and giving up his polearm.

Thus, Leugim Santangelo joined the Watchers as member of the Darkwatch, he began working at Tirisfal Glades under direct supervision of Mebahiah in order for him to get used to the new land, the warrior was later transferred to the Western Plaguelands, where he worked for most of his time. Leugim's services to the Forsaken Watchers had not only a great impact in his development as a Forsaken and adaptation to his new life but also in his general appearance, losing his jaw and left leg on two different occasions and having them replaced by a new jaw and a saronite leg prosthesis, he also lost his original hair, which was replaced by worgen fur. His polearm-wielding would also meet it's end because of his stay with the Watchers, after being disarmed several times in a spar with General Mebahiah at Fenris Keep, Leugim noticed how unbalanced he was with the weapon. Though he now had basically all the time to train it, he decided to make a less radical change to his adaptation of his original fighting style, thanks to that same occasion, Leugim noticed the physical strength he possessed even after death, and after gaining some gold coins through some last services wielding his polearm, he managed to buy a two-handed sword and a massive shield. The Darkwatch were put on a temporary hiatus by order of General Mebahiah Frostbane due to lack of relevant Alliance-Horde activity ever since the demise of Deathwing, but Leugim continued his work as a Wight at the Plaguelands, though not with the same frequency he used to have. Santangelo would often follow Mebahiah to Orgrimmar, however, he would only use her travels as mean to guarantee that he would not be blamed for not working while sating his curiosity to know more about Beggar's people even though the Darkwatch was on a hiatus. After spending some time in Orgrimmar, Leugim returned to the Eastern Kingdoms and went to Silvermoon City, where he coincidentally met fellow Watchers Jonix -the goblin death knight responsible for building his Saronite prosthesis-, Felleira and Laerith Terabrin. Despite the "relieving" coincidences, Silvermoon is considered the warrior's most disturbing experience in undeath due to the amount of "idiocy" he witnessed there.

Mists of Pandaria

Year 29 ADP

Attack on Theramore Isle

Leugim was returning to the Bulwark from his daily patrols around the Western Plaguelands when he saw an orc and a Forsaken debating about something that involved the city of Theramore, Santangelo made no effort to hide his curiosity and questioned the duo about it. After hearing some harsh words about misinformation from the orc, the Forsaken explained to him that the Horde was preparing to assault the Alliance city at Dustwallow Marsh. The Forsaken said that he was reluctant to take part into that for he feared that the Alliance would send a massive offensive against Undercity in retaliation, while the orc declared that such cowardice was not to be tolerated in Hellscream's Horde and that every able-bodied member of the Horde should take part in it.

While Leugim understood the Forsaken's "fear", he considered himself more a member of the Horde as a whole than the Forsaken specifically, and felt compelled to take part into the conflict. With the Darkwatch on a hiatus, Leugim decided to follow his own agenda for a while, and took a zeppelin to Orgrimmar. All these events took place shortly after the conquer of Northwatch Hold and Leugim became aware of it thanks to a troll hunter who told him the news. The troll was preparing himself to join the battle and asked if Santangelo would like to come along, the undead warrior rapidly accepted. Thus, Leugim, the troll hunter and his pet raptor went to Northwatch using an abandoned small Northwatch boat at the proximities of Tiragarde Keep and joined the marching Horde forces in their offensive against Theramore. Leugim and his two companions fought in the first skirmishes around the isle but decided to fall back when they saw a dwarf paladin crawling in the ground among the confusion of the battle, using his small size to his advantage to go through the enemy front lines. Whatever plan that paladin had in mind was interrupted by the Forsaken-Troll-Raptor Team, for the trio ambushed him and forced him to retreat to the shadows of Dustwallow Marsh, the troll and his pet gave chase to the dwarf while Leugim went deeper into Theramore, slaughtering as many soldiers of the Alliance as he could.

Leugim pitting against a quartet of Alliance adventurers.

Santangelo was eventually attacked by the combined might of a male worgen hunter and a female dwarf shaman, Leugim managed to be evenly matched with the Alliance duo by using his massive shield to reflect the shaman's spells against her and block the worgen's bullets while constantly leaping away from them to dodge their offensives or near to them to make them lose balance and attempt to open some wounds by recklessly executing a spinning attack with his sword (read:[http:www.wowpedia.org/Bladestorm Bladestorm]). Santangelo eventually managed to open deep wounds on both enemies at the same time during one of his Bladestorms, the dwarf and the worgen were about to retreat when they were backed up by a male worgen death knight who used his [http:www.wowpedia.org/Death Grip Death Grip] to pull Leugim away from them and a male night elf priest that healed their wounds to non-lethal proportions. Now in clear disadvantage, Santangelo took fast steps backwards and strongly stomped the ground with his saronite leg, using the impact as an impulse leap away from them. Leugim was hiding among the battlers when he noticed some adventurers of the Horde invading Foothold Citadel, Santangelo joined the adventurers in their assault. After defeating Hedric Evencane alongside the adventurers, Leugim finally understood the purpose of that assault: to save the Horde spy Thalen Songweaver, after witnessing the adventurers freeing the blood elf, Leugim returned to the battle outside the citadel. Leugim was ambushed by a female human warrior shortly after leaving Foothold Citadel, the ensuing fight between the two led them to the center of Theramore, where the Alliance forces were amassed and surrounded by the Horde. Suddenly, the forces of the Horde began to retreat, but the confused Leugim didn't stop fighting against the woman. As sudden as the Horde's retreat, a huge shadow of a zeppelin covered the isle's center, both Leugim and the woman stopped their fight to look to the sky and see what was going on, it was the Horde's zeppelin with the mana bomb still attatched to it. The Forsaken tried to leave the city, an escaping orcish mage outside of Theramore saw Leugim running, and luckily for him, the orc decided to help Leugim, the mage blinked in Leugim's direction and they escaped through a portal to Stonard.

However, the bomb exploded while the portal was still closing and an extremely small part of the arcane explosion went through the portal and nearly killed Leugim and the orc, but the Forsaken used his shield to desperately reflect the wave back into the portal and succeeded, though his shield was obliterated and the impact threw him some yards away. Upon returning to the spot he arrived, he noticed that the woman he fought was thrown by the explosion through the portal, or at least what remained of her, after carefully removing the helmet of the mana-twisted "corpse", Leugim recognized her still moving face, the dying deformed woman seemed to have also recognized Leugim, she let out a cough that emanated smokes of pure arcane power and said her last words "Mi...guel...wha...happ...to you...at least...glad...see you...las...tim...". Leugim somehow felt compelled to hold her hand, and he did so. After briefly opening a smile, the creature rapidly turned into arcane dust. The familiar face and voice made Santangelo come to a conclusion: that arcane-twisted creature was no one other than Asiral, his first and only love interest when he was alive. Santangelo rose and nodded at the orc mage, who watched everything, and silently left Stonard to go to the depths of the Swamp of Sorrows, where he tried to medidate in order to mitigate the damage that his past was trying to cause by haunting his mind. Leugim considered that his first test to see if he had really adapted to his current existence, it was his deepest desire to see Asiral and his mother again despite his condition, and he indirectly contributed to Asiral's destruction, also, a tsunami of nostalgic memories came to his mind when he held her deformed hand, all this increased the strength of his guilt. After two hours of medidation, Leugim came to the conclusion that Asiral's death was merely an unavoidable event due to his new loyalty to the Horde since she tried to stand in his way, returning to Stonard and then to Tirisfal to resume his work at the Western Plaguelands three days later. However, Leugim felt a burning hatred for his Warchief deep inside him, having preferred to have killed Asiral during their duel rather than seeing her go through all that arcane torture.

Seeking inner balance

Some time after the Theramore tragedy, the memories of the explosion of the city and Asiral's death were still trying to make Leugim cling to his humanity, Santangelo then stops his work in order to seek a way to bring balance between what he used to be and what he is, this made him collide with the culture of a newly arrived members of the Horde: the Pandaren. The undead warrior had witnessed a few of them wandering around Tirisfal Glades fighting the evils of the land with their exotic fighting style and powers or only speaking with the locals, their style of self-defense and their discipline in combat was something that called Leugim's attention. Santangelo eventually met a Huojin monk named Bojo Kegpaw, the pandaren is one of the few of his kind that believe that the Forsaken can learn the ways of the monk. The curious Leugim asked him many questions about his people, culture and philosophies to the point that an average person would find annoying, but not Kegpaw, the two eventually shared a long and uncommonly friendly conversation during hours. At one point of their talking, Leugim spoke about his former life and mentioned the division in his own being and the constant inner conflict in his mind, Bojo finally understood why the undead approached him, and looked to the undead with a wide friendly smile with bubbles of ale coming from inside his mouth.

As a Huojin, Bojo preferred to aid Leugim with quick decisions and actions instead of long statements and thinking, thus he invited the undead to a journey to the homeland of his people: Pandaria. Bojo came from the Wandering Isle, so Pandaria would also be something new for him, he was sure, however, that the answer for Leugim's inner balance was there.

Leugim training at the Peak of Serenity.

Thus, Leugim and Bojo departed to Pandaria, eventually coming into contact with the native pandaren, both were impressed by the sight and customs of the natives, though Leugim's "impression" was largely supressed by his desire to finally bring peace to his mind. The two stopped by Dawn's Blossom and decided to chat a bit while Bojo had a drink at the Drunken Hozen, Kegpaw said that he observed Leugim's fighting style during their few services to the Horde in the region and that he seemed to feel as much pain as those he hurt and killed, as if his body was being forced to fight in that way. Leugim stated that was the only way he could defend himself and mentioned the "days of failure" that he wielded a polearm, Bojo remembered when Santangelo told him his story and nodded, the pandaren then offered himself to teach Leugim how to fight in the ways of the monk, stating that doing so requires a perfect connection between mind and body and that practicing these methods would bring Santangelo the balance he desired, Leugim said he would accept if they weren't in the middle of the scenario of a full scale war between the Alliance and the Horde, but he was interrupted by an elder pandaren woman who said that there was a place of great peace for those who wished to pursue such paths, Bojo asked the woman where was this place located. The woman silently left the Drunken Hozen and motioned the two to follow her, she called her three cloud serpents and told the pandaren and the undead to mount them, she then guided Bojo and Leugim to the Peak of Serenity at Kun-Lai Summit, where Leugim abandoned his plate armor, replacing it with the monk's leather attire, thus beginning his training. Meanwhile, Kegpaw improved his skills in the native ways.

During the days that passed, Leugim developed a huge affinity with the healing properties of the mists, after speaking of it to his masters, they showed him that this path of healing also included physical combat instead of pure "magic" casting. Bojo told him that a monk is a fighter in all moments, and that a healer must also be a strong protector instead of a "coward" that stand behind the front lines casting "healing magic". Thus, Santangelo decided to explore such affinity and fully dedicate himself in this path.

One week later, Leugim noticed that he hasn't heard any of his fellow Watchers' voices from his portable FCD, such thing intrigued the monk apprentice, and he decided to return to the Tirisfal Glades and check what was going on, but he spoke to his masters first, they allowed him to do so and even teached him a spell that could easily bring Leugim back to the Peak of Serenity to resume his training. After learning the spell, Leugim returned to the Eastern Kingdoms.

The undead's first stop was Brill, where he stumbled upon his general, Mebahiah, the elven woman was also returning from a period of absence and asked the monk about the other Watchers, Leugim replying that he had no idea afterwards. After much discussion about the current situation, the duo came to the conclusion that, due to even the high-ranking members' absence, Mebahiah was to be in charge. Determined to contribute as much as he can to the Forsaken Watchers' rebuilding, Leugim returned to the Peak of Serenity, where he picked up his old gear. When questioned about the action, Leugim answered his masters that he would wear his former armor whenever the Watchers needed him while he was still in-training, stating that he would fully abandon it once he mastered his skills, the undead proceeded to explain his current situation to them in order to justify such decisions, and the masters nodded at him, understanding his reasons.

Nonetheless, Leugim now trains at the Peak of Serenity with his FCD very close to him, alert to any calls.

Hallow's End

Leugim became aware of a Hallow's End celebration going on inside the laboratory at the Apothecarium (such celebration by organized by the Royal Apothecary Society itself) thanks to a fellow forsaken monk-in-training that had recently arrived at the Peak of Serenity. Santangelo remembered how he never actually cared about Hallow's End back in his days as a living human and his opinion hadn't changed much, however, he was curious to know how the Forsaken celebrated it and decided to go to Undercity.

After finishing his daily training, Leugim used his Zen Pilgrimage to teleport him back to the Undercity, he wasn't wearing his leather attire, but his old plate armor and two-handed sword. The forsaken went to the crowded laboratory and handed his weapon at request from one of the organizers of the event for security purposes. One of the first people he talked to was Mebahiah, for she was the only one he knew among all those people (Laerith would arrive later as the second one), after the duo was greeted by a forsaken in rather exotic clothing, Leugim became aware that his general resigned from the Forsaken Watchers, this fact had some impact on his hope for the Watchers' rebuilding as Mebahiah was the only figure of leadership he saw ever since his return. Once more people began to join the talk, Leugim discreetly took a seat on the floor, away from the circle composed of most of the crowd, his sole purpose to be there was to sate his curiosity by simply observing those around him. He noticed that everyone who was there had a small wickerman that was to be burned down on a determinate moment of the festivities, since he was there just to watch, Leugim didn't care much about the fact he wasn't warned of that and thus didn't bring any.

A few forsaken approached Leugim, asking him about his lack of a wickerman, he answered these people by telling them his true reason to be there, however, they all said that the people who helped organizing it provided the materials needed to build a wickerman, so the people who didn't bring their own would be able to build one and take part in the celebration, however Leugim kept loyal to his purposes and denied all suggestions and advices to take part into it. However, Leugim didn't stay silent, he also wanted to test how people reacted to his interventions and would often make remarks about everything that attracted many people's attention during the celebration.

Finally, the time to burn down the wickermen came, the whole crowd formed a huge circle between the place where Doctor Herbert Halsey generally stays and the nearby bookshelf. Leugim was among them, arms crossed and watching the people preparing their wickermen for the fires. He was then approached by Mebahiah and a recently arrived Laerith, the elven woman handed Leugim her own abomination-like wickerman, stating that she did it many times and this was Santangelo's first time. Leugim insisted that Mebahiah should burn her own wickerman to the point he even tried to give it back to her, but he was convinced by her persistence.

Leugim kneeled down and put Frostbane's wickerman on the floor, he wanted to burn the object in a "unique style" so he picked up a small keg with volatile brew from inside his chest armor and drank it whole, after shaking his head in a rapid sequence to mess with the brew still in his mouth, Santangelo opened his mouth and unleashed a very weak Breath of Fire, strong enough to burn down the wickerman.

After remarking that he really wasn't supposed to be a brewmaster monk, Santangelo stared the burning wickerman, watching the flames somehow made him become lost in his thoughts for a while. After the abomination-like object was completely turned into ashes, Leugim rose and, still with his back turned to the duo, wished Mebahiah and Laerith a happy Hallow's End.

With the celebration coming to it's end, Leugim thanked Mebahiah for giving him her wickerman as the woman and Laerith took their leave. After some time after their depart, Leugim decided to leave the laboratory and recalled that he had to get his sword back from the organizer, however, he was nowhere to be found and neither was his weapon. Angered by having his weapon stolen, Leugim decided to leave without his sword, returning to the Peak of Serenity in order to meditate and proceed with his training. During his meditation, Santangelo was not only soothing his anger but also considering the possibility of resigning from the Forsaken Watchers, since the only Watcher he saw up to Hallow's End was Laerith and the rest of the leadership was missing.

Future Planning

Leugim spent the next day post-Hallow's End meditating about the possibility of resigning from the Watchers while he wasn't training, Santangelo asked his pandaren masters for advice, but they stated that, although they were eager to clear the forsaken's doubt, they couldn't advise him for the monks didn't want to interfere in the matters of other factions. Leugim couldn't help feeling disappointed, his doubt growing bigger, this slightly made Leugim's masters regret not aiding him, mainly because that they knew who would benefit from the constantly strengthening doubt in the undead's mind.

Santangelo was afraid that, by leaving the declining Forsaken Watchers, he would only contribute to it's almost certain doom when he could simply help the group which helped the man shape his personality as one of the Forsaken.

Leugim was then approached by his pandaren colleague Bojo Kegpaw, who said that his doubts and fears related to his other allegiances were acting like a boulder in the forsaken's progress as a monk, Santangelo acknowledged that with a silent nod, and asked for Bojo's pardon for "ending up like a proof that his kind are, perhaps, not fit into these ways", Kegpaw answered with a hearty chuckle and told Leugim to look around him: there were many monk apprentices of all races from both Alliance and Horde training there, together even, completely forgetting their antagonisms while there for the sole purpose of sharpening their skills to better serve their people, and among those races were many Forsaken.

Leugim then silently walked away and opened a bag full of his belongings, he picked up his former plate armor and then returned to Bojo, wishing him the best of luck in his path and that he hoped to see the pandaren again. Kegpaw asked if Leugim was sure about his decision, the undead replied with a nod, stating that this global turmoil that is reaching Pandaria is a matter of extreme urgency, thus he had to dedicate to the cause of his people as much as he could, he also said that his months at the Peak of Serenity brought him the balance he desired to his mind, although he remained a rather impulsive person, but that was his nature ever since he was alive so the undead didn't care much about this feature.

Bojo opened a wide smile upon seeing Leugim's determination, the pandaren even said that he was going to give Leugim a present for his journey: Kegpaw called for his blue dragon turtle mount, and opened a box that the creature carried on it's back. Bojo then retrieved a two-handed black axe. The pandaren happily handed the axe to the warrior and told the weapon's story to the undead, Santangelo was impressed with the offer and promptly accepted it. Leugim then went to speak of his leaving to his masters, the pacient pandaren understood his reasons and said that it would be great for the "mental balance" the warrior was seeking and wished him the best of luck, also stating that the Peak of Serenity would welcome Santangelo whenever he wished to return.

With Futou in his hands, Leugim used his Zen Pilgrimage and returned to the Undercity, where he became aware of "interessing events".

The Undercity Battalion

On that same day, once he arrived at Undercity, Leugim found an unsual poster in the Warchief's Command Board, which talked about a new branch of Undercity's military, "The Undercity Battalion" was the name, that was recruiting able-bodied Forsaken and death knights of all races of the Horde in order to bolster its ranks. Leugim, seeing this as a great opportunity to dedicate himself then set out to Fenris Keep at Silverpine Forest, where the poster said that the recruiting process was taking place. Upon presenting himself to Executor Verhindern, the Battalion's second-in-command, Leugim was directed -while being constantly threatened by Verhindern's gun- to the High Executor of the Undercity Battalion, Else Schneider, who gave the warrior some paperwork so that he could become an official recruit of the Battalion, after analyzing the paperwork, Else accepted Leugim as a recruit and gave him a portable FCD, much similar and in better conditions than those he used to have during his time with the Forsaken Watchers.

Some time later, Else and Verhindern called the Battalion's initial recruits, among them was Leugim and two former colleagues from the Forsaken Watchers: the archer Laerith Terabrin and the Lightslayer Apprentice Hartia. Another recruit was Einsley, an undead human woman who was friend to a blood elf named Anaberyl, whom Leugim met when he briefly visited Orgrimmar in one of the few moments in which the undead man left the Peak of Serenity during his training to become a monk.

Leugim and the the other recruits were rallied at the Ruins of Lordaeron and Else had Verhindern make the recruits go through a series of drills that ranged from push up to marching, which culminated into a brief sparring between the recruits near the training dummies of the War Quarter.

Leugim fought with Hartia and opened the fight by charging with a blow from the knee of his saronite prosthesis on the man's stomach, the Lightslayer was thrown some really few yeards away but quickly recovered by leaping to Leugim's back and attempting to carve his daggers on Santangelo, although the warrior tried to dodge with a sidestep, one of the heated daggers eventually pierced the exposed bone of his right arm, but it eventually disarmed the lightslayer from one of his daggers due to Santangelo's sidestep. Leugim then swiftly moved to Hartia's back and hit his spine with Futou's hilt, Hartia seemed to fall as if he had lost counsciousness, Leugim tried to strike him with a slice from Futou to keep his combo going, but it was merely a shadowy illusion of the lightslayer's Spectral Guise. Hartia suddenly showed up from the shadows and successfully carved one of his heated daggers in Leugim's head, Santangelo grew both angry and nervous as the dagger rapidly invaded his rotten flesh and skull, thus he unleashed a desperate Bladestorm, which failed to hit the lightslayer but succeeded in repelling him as Hartia dodged by leaping backwards.

The recruits' spar was interrupted when Executor Verhindern arrived with members of the Royal Apothecary Society, bringing a "gift" to the recruits of the newly formed Battalion, shortly after their arrival, an immense abomination made of several Alliance corpses stitched with iron plates named Bubba showed up. The recruits' next task was to fight together and defeat the hulking Bubba.

Leugim gave Hartia's dagger back and the two were the first ones to strike, the warrior charged against the abomination and leapt while the lightslayer jumped on his back and used Santangelo as a platform to jump to the creature's face and pierce it's head with his daggers while Leugim attempted to slice the creature's jaw with an upward slash from his axe. However, Bubba rapidly enveloped Leugim with his chains and hurled the warrior away while tossing the Lightslayer a few yard behind, while Leugim fell with like a rock on the ground, Hartia almost fell on the green liquid that flows around Undercity's sewer. Meanwhile, Laerith and Einsley lend succesful shots against the abomination, one with his crossbow while the other wielded a gun, the duo were responsible for most of the successful blows against the creature. During a certain point of the battle, after failing several times to lend a single hit Bubba and being hurled against the ground several times too, Leugim decided to use his experiences as a monk, he tried to distract Bubba with a fake Heroic Leap in which he stopped when he was half the way to reach the abomination and rolled between the its legs in order to go behind the creature, Leugim was about to jump and try to lend a Blackout Kick with his saronite prosthesis on the creature's head when Bubba swiftly replied with a massive fart which forced Leugim on the ground, a blow which he claims to have broken his pride forever.

Shortly after, Hartia, who was also having difficulty in hitting the creature and avoiding its blows but was being far more successful in Leugim considering he caused way more damage, leapt to the creature's shoulder and then grabbed one of the lamps that hanged in the War Quarter's ceiling and smashed it against the abomination, setting the creature on fire as a consequence. Bubba, however, resisted bravely against the multiple offensives against it, and was extremely angry of being set on fire and was fed up of Laerith and Einsley's barrages, the creature grabbed a light post and began spinning around in Bladestorm style. The "Bubbastorm", as the creature itself named the attack, managed to knock away all of the recruits, except for Leugim, who dodged by simply kneeling down. The warrior was mad, his pride broken right in front of his superiors, Santangelo rose and hurled Futou against Bubba's head, as the axe flew in the spinning creature's direction, Leugim switfly charged his hands with blue Chi energy, the undead then unleashed a massive damage-enchanced Chi Burst aimed against the abomination's common hole in the stomach. When Bubba noticed Santangelo's commotion, the abomination on fire was already with Futou carved in it's head and some parts of its boy destroyed by the inside due to the blast. Once the still living Bubba came to the ground, High Executor Einsley and Executor Verhindern intervened and finished the job by finally killing the creature and planting explosives in it's corpse, while the others recovered from the "Bubbastorm", Leugim ran and recovered Futou before the abomination finally exploded into a rain of flesh and pieces of organs. After cleaning up the mess caused by the explosion, the recruits went to the Apothecarium, where they were promoted to full soldiers of the Battalion.


His skin is pale, his fingers and toes became claws and half of his arms are nothing but moving bones. Leugim is a mere shadow of his former self.

His facial features were mostly intact during the beginning of his undeath, but now his jaw was replaced twice and his hair was consumed by fire, thus being replaced by implanted worgen fur. Also, Leugim lost a chunk of his throat when dueling a troll, it was then replaced with dwarven flesh through corpse-stitching, and on a second occasion, it was replaced with human flesh.

Leugim had his left leg replaced by a saronite prosthesis shaped exactly like a human leg, the machinery of the artificial leg is covered by an outer layer of saronite, used so that armor doesn't get in the way.


Saronite Prosthesis

Leugim made far way too much effort than needed when trying to march from Winterspring to the gates of Uldum on foot on one day, the Forsaken Watchers stated that he had four days to do the whole march, but for some reason he tried to do it in one day and failed when arriving at Thousand Needles. Luckily, he ended up rendering only his left leg useless due to the excessive effort, Santangelo then had his leg amputated and replaced with a saronite prosthesis built by the goblin death knight, and fellow Watcher at the time, Jonix.

Futou, Greataxe of the Black Challenger

The Peak of Serenity was once visited by a Yaungol named Renniu the Black Challenger, the bloodthirsty yaungol stated that he was there to challenge the monks and their apprentices to honorable duels to the death, although the pandaren masters initially refused and made several non-lethal attempts to expel Renniu from the Peak, he stood on his feet, yelling for a challenger to appear, the monks then turned their backs to the yaungol and returned to their daily training, ignoring his existence. Renniu sat on a small rock with his two-handed axe resting over his knees, waiting for anyone to cease their cowardice, his patience was short but his will to challenge those who came from the legendary "monk nest" managed to hold back his aggressive nature, that was when the recently arrived Huojin monk apprentice Bojo Kegpaw arrived, determined to challenge Renniu.

Kegpaw emerged victorious from the brutal battle, but he let Renniu live, the yaungol deemed himself unworthy of existing for losing to a "cub", the threw Futou against the ground and hurled himself from the Peak, eventually falling to his death.

Bojo retrieved the axe and asked his masters if there was any sort of use for it, they said that Bojo should keep it since he defeated it's owner in honorable combat.

The axe is made entirely of ghost iron and forged by the fires invoked by several Bataari Flamecallers, the axe was also painted black by a thick ink made of oil, the flames that shaped the weapon can still be seen inside it's blade, a part of the blade wasn't painted so the ghost iron's transparent properties would expose the fire that somehow keeps surviving inside the weapon.


  • Leugim went through a brief period of great irony in his life during the Attack on Theramore Isle: the dwarf paladin whom Leugim ambushed was the same who saved him from being overwhelmed by a swarm of Plague Zombies during the Scourge Invasion, also, the night elf priest who arrived and saved the dwarf shaman and the worgen hunter who Leugim was defeating was the same who saved him and his family from a Towering Horror during the Scourge Invasion.

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