The following is a number of factions that are in one way or another allies of the Council. Some knowly others unknowly, but there all regarded as freinds of the Council. This allies are:

The Gelkis clan:

The reson why this centaurs are allies to the Council is becose of the odd magical energys that exist in Bolgan's Hole. Burgrsch even belive a half-gods spirit might be resting in the caves walls. The centaurs do not know there seen as allies of the New Shadow Council.

The Scryers:

This masters of the Arcane are more then willig to aid any whom fight there battels for the soul of there race. As members of the Council has been trading powerfull magics in exchange for the right to surten source's of demonic power the two have been working good together. Tho it has not been said, it could well be so that some of the Scryers know or suspect whom the Councils members are.

The Ravenholdts:

After proving there worth by identify and kiddnaping Burgrsch Demonvoice, Master of the Council. The Ravenholdts master Fahrad has made a honouray member of the Council. Now the Ravenholdts give the members of the Council friends pirces on information and assassinations.

When WotLK comes out the Council will make pacts whit The Knights of the Ebon Blade and The Sunreavers... pluse maybe a few others. And of corse new Allies might be made in time.

You can find all factions of WoW here: [1]

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