Name:Loise (Real Name)

Nightwhisper (Known Name)

Miles Loise
Loise (left) With her mentor and closest friend Miles (right)
Age: 35
Weapon(s) of Choice:Butcher Sword (Main)

Fistblade (Main)

Silenced Pistol (Ranged)

Allignment:True Neutral
Affiliation(s):Ravenholdt Assasins
Relatives:Possibly the Seyvon Family.


Loise was born in Stormwind but at a very young age she got seperrated from her mother when one day they were in Goldshire, visiting a friend when suddenly the Defias invaded, her mother was probably killed in the raid, but she was taken with the Defias held for ransom but she was freed 2 weeks later by Miles. He told her he found her by coincidence. But she always knew there was more about that then just coincidence, as a teenager she was raised by Miles who she had always seen as a father. Miles taught her all she had to know about an Assasin yet he had always taught her to respect her enemies in order to overcome them. but when Miles left Ravenholdt her training was continued by Grand Rogue Fahrad. She never really understood what Miles meant by the respect thing, but what bothered her most is why Miles left Ravenholdt without a known reason. The only name that she remembers is Loise. But Miles nicknamed her Nightwhisper for she had always done a an outstanding job on Spy Missions

Leaving Ravenholdt

Loise inevitably left the Rogues academy swearing an oath of silence about the name and whereabouts. She went to look for her father when she got caught by the Forsaken, She was then later freed by a Paladin named Surlon during the Assault on Undercity against the traitorous Apothecary.


Today Loise is travelling far less then she used to, she has instead continued her training by joining SI:7 in Stormwind, where she mainly opperates against the Defias and the Syndicate. She has learned alot about her Father and who he really is thanks to Mathias Shaw, who has been wanting his head for quite some time.

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