Lokai Seyvon
Lokai, with the light upon him in the Scarlet Cathedral.
Vital statistics
Title Grand Commander of the Scarlet Crusade
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction The Scarlet Crusade (formerly) The Scarlet Onslaught (currently)
Status Alive
Location The New Cathedral, Eastern Kingdoms


Lokai was born in the heart of Stormwind; to Raylan Seyvon and Lain Seyvon. He was raised with his small brother, Surlon. He had always protected Surlon, as his father Raylan had told him that if anything happens to that boy - Lokai would get the blame, and so he did. Lokai protected Surlon with his life, as young children and when they were both assigned to Hillsbrad.


Lokai had joined the Alliance in Hillsbrad when he was 22, along with his brother Surlon. They had been assigned to foot patrol, rather then most people there who was going to Hyjal to battle Archimonde. Lokai and Surlon however were favored as their father was in high-command and assigned them to go to Stratholme with them, they had met Darion Mograine and Renault. Both having similiar stories and both being brothers, they had gotten along greatly.

However, after Mograine was killed by Renault without anyone knowing, Lokai and Surlon split, Lokai had joined Renault to form the Scarlet Crusade as Surlon joined the Argent Dawn. They cut off all ties from eachother, even if they were brothers. They was not afraid of killing one-another.

After the Scarlet Crusade had fallen, he had realised the corruption among it - however he did not plan on leaving. He had an attachment to this Crusade and even if all his fellow commanders were dying, he had known that he was next. However, he did not die yet. As they had reached Northrend, Lokai had assigned everyone on the boat as a member of the "New Crusade" - The Scarlet Onslaught.

Once again, this new crusade had failed. Most of the commanders in the Scarlet Onslaught had been defeated and beheaded by adventurers. Lokai, however had survived due to his frequent time in Eastern Kingdoms - as he did not assign himself to Northrend, due to his hatred for the cold. They had built a new Cathedral, a purer sanctuary. Now, Lokai resides there - hoping one day, he will see his brother again.

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