Loravil Sunblade is a Blood Elf Rogue.


Loravil Sunblade was born into a family of thieves and cutthroats. While most Blood Elf children born after the Scourge were taught about solidarity, breed unity and superiority and the power of magic, Loravil was taught the color of money and the heft of a dagger, seeing that no one in the Sunblade family had prowess for magic.

Loravil was extremely fortunate, for the hunger pangs that the Wretched would typically suffer have little effect on him. This was a direct result of the dilution of his bloodline, a long line of spies, saboteurs and agents in the service of Quel'Thalas that had no need for magic. As a result, most of the hierarchy of the Sin'dorei looks down on him and treats him as though he were a common criminal. But those in the know soon learn that his skills are unquestionable - for the right price.


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