"That... man, if you could call him a man, took everything from me. My wife, my unborn child, even briefly my sanity, But it was not of his own choosing."

Guild None
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Death Knight
Faction Scourge
Organization Scourge


Lord Garathros is the first Human Death knight. apart from Arthas, of the scourge and his sole purpose is to plague Mathusala without end.  He was created by Arthas for this sole purpose and he has almost driven Mathusala to the point of insanity. First by Killing his wife and then been almost defeating him on his way to Northrend.  He is presumed dead after being thrown overboard in ice cold seas off the coast of northrend. Even through that he survived and managed to break the Litch kings hold for a few vital Seconds. He told Mathusala everything he knew and then died.

but he has returned....


  • "did you miss me?"


  • age: 27
  • relatives: none
  • titles: The Frozen Champion
  • aliases: non known
  • Friends/Allies: none
  • Beliefs: Perhaps he believed in the light once...
  • Personal Obsessions: He has none of his own
  • Professions: Runesmith

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