Slowly crumpling the letter that had come to him in the mail from the wife of the leader of these abominable things, Zul'fan silently cursed. That part of the plan hadn't worked out as he had hoped...Apparently, there was more to this Morgania than he had expected.

Zul'fan accepted that this venture to plant a seed of mistrust between the two leaders. He would have to go and take the punishment as ordered.

"...But I be damned if I let de' skinny little witch 'ave de' pleasure of seein' de effect it'll have on me. Ten lashings...Pfft. I took worse at de' 'ands of de' Atal'ai..."

Zul'fan held the poisonous letter over the flame of a torch. Zul'fan had spent some time in the Army of The Horde. As a tactician with minor skills, he had been promoted to Seargant. Now he reached back in his memory, trying to remember any thing that would help him in his current situation.

Zul'fan lost himself in thought. A fog came down on his mind, and Zul'fan wondered what he had been thinking of. He only remembered that he had done something wrong against Mistress Morgania, and that he would gladly go take his punishment at the hands of Blackshank. What were Morgania, if not fair?

Zul'fan sighed, and began looking for Blackshank so he could get his punishment. Maybe Blackshank would have an idea of how to make amends with the Mistress for whatever it was he had done.

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