A village just outside of deserted ruins, a small elf born to a Priest, and a happy gardener came to be, they named her Lunedatras. Derived from the one they followed, glued with some pretty letters next to it. She spent her earlier days writing journals.. journals of adventures she'd wish to go on, characters she had created, and how she wished she were them. 

Around the age of about two-thousand, she left home, pleading from her mother, and scolding of her Priest father went unnoticed. As well as writing stories she also wrote Librams, and one day dreamed of powers unlike anything seen before, wielding the Librams at her side. She fell into an order of sorts, following a gorgeous, intelligent Kaldorei named Azshara, Lunedatras had been called into her category of Quel'dorei. This Brilliant woman taught her Quel'dorei everything they know, including Lunedatras, she was making her books and Librams.. a reality. 

To further her purpose in the cause her Queen spoke of, she was ordered by a number of Priests to migrate to Eldre'thalas, where she ruled under a Prince named Tortheldrin. She had many grand adventures with her young Fae Dartling, Coronell whilst exploring the forests there. 

Once word of the Sundering hit, Lunedatras couldn't help but mourn and hide out for a century whilst the Prince grow even more mad in her absensce. She was apart of the council, and when she returned, her people, The Shendra'lar, were all but mere spirits. All who remain were the council and the Prince, as well as her beloved - a Priest. He had told her their daughter was one of the last ones executed, she grew sick as he lead her to their child's ghost, aimlessly wondering a quarter of their city. He said he needed her help with bringing her back, but it would cost his life, and half of Lunedatras'. She regretfully accepted the responsibility before they preformed the ritual.

The ritual did work, but not as she thought, her husband was gone but her child was not in existance, soon the two started leaving notes and learned that whilst one of them is up during the day, the other is up at night. 

They can never see eachother again, and Lunedatras' daughter has grown to hate her because of this limited life that was bestowed upon her, and she has decided to follow in her father's footsteps, but in a wrong light. 

Lunedatras went into hiding again about a thousand years before the Prince had perished. She fled to Dalaran to become a student to Mordent Evenshade to follow his patient ways, so he taught her how to let go of anger. 

Soon after, Mordent convinced the elves to lift the ban on arcane magic, he taught his students to teach in moderation. 

So that is exactly what Lunedatras teaches. 

Moderation in the Arcane.

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