Name: Lysle Draknar

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Age: Late sixties

Place of Birth: Stonewatch

Professions: Mainly drug smuggling, slave trading and assassination contracts.

History Born in to a wealthy family, Lysle had a rather secure, closed childhood. Only known that at some point, during his late teens he left for Stormwind. The time between there and untill he joined the infamous Old Town Syndicate is somewhat clouded, but probally not of any intrest at all.

Made a fast career within the Syndicate, goin' straight to the top where the air was fresh and clean. Soon a well known, well wanted criminal within the capitol. Where from time to time connected to a revolutionary orginasation known as 'The Grey Hand'.

Achived a full Pardon for his crimes by Prince Seiken Trollbane after succefuly leading the Militia in the Civil war. However this Pardon only acknowledged by the Kingdom of Arathor, so after the war Lysle moved up north. Now rather high ranked within Trollbane's sphere.

Later where accused of High Treason of the Kingdom of Arathor, him supposed to have soled it out to the Gurubashi's. Sharing them the vital information of Trollbane being away with the mayority of his army, leaving the borders wide open for the trolls to flood in over, leading to a massacre of civilians.

Managed to slip away from Trollbane's justice only to get caught in the net of Maelmoor Lightbringer. Lysle Draknar where hung by the neck untill death outside the Cathedral of Light for his crimes against the Crown and the city.

Character sheet

- Pshycologic.

Paranoid: No one trusting him, him trusting no one.

Scizofren/Split personality: A well hidden weakness he suffers from, it's vauge but on rare occasions he have been recorded to been having arguing conversations with himself.

Pshycopat: Feeling such as love, empathy and friendship is something he never sufferd from.

- Deceases

Lung cancer: Caused by a life time of smoking. Often seen spitting blood.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome: He just cant stand germs.

- Old wounds

Limp: Got shoot in the left leg in his youth, the bullet tore up a big muscle. The leg still being very weak making making him limp.

Half-blind: Lost his right eye due to a fire spell, boiling it in to a gue.

- Flaws

Money: It's a crime. Grab that cash and make a stash. He is by the nature very greedy.

Women: Money for nothing, and you'r chiks for free.

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