((The following introduction was written on my cell phone.))

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl and her mother. One day, Mother met a handsome human that she fell in love with, and married. All were happy for a time. But the human was mean, and started to hurt the girl and her mother. Mother told him that she and the girl were going far, far away, where they couldn't be hurt. The human was so mad that he started to choke Mother. The girl saw him, and ran to help her mother. She stabbed the human so hard that he would never hurt anyone ever again. The girl went to her mother's side, to tell her how they would be safe from now on. But Mother wasn't breathing. The little girl broke inside. Then she started breaking everyone else.


It was nearing dawn , and a lone blood eld leaned forward on a balcony, viewing the beauty of the newly rebuilt Silvermoon. Her gauzy silk dress was swept forward by the slight breeze. Her green eyes came to a stop as she viewed the dead scar of blackened earth and dead things. Her serene expression became a scowl, her thoughts on the man responsible. She left the balcony, slamming the glass doors behind her. Her apartment was the typical quarters of a mage, many of the walls covered in bookshelves holding tomes and artifacts.

Kaelia walked over to one such bookshelf, and proceeded to throw the things it held across the room. Some instrements broke cleanly, while others exploded softly. She shouted in frustration. "They had no right! How dare they take my magic from me!!! STUPID IDIOTIC HUMANS!!!!! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!"

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