Melchamas Raa'lar is the true Eredun name of Melchamas the Relinquished and the name he used before he joined the Legion and became known as Melchamas the Unyielding or Lord of The Flamewrath Division. His children Zasalathar and Zaelas inhereted this name, as well as his wife: Saalane Y'sua.

Melchamas regained his memories of life before the Legion with his purification, and still remembers and answers to this name, although he commonly calls himself merely Melchamas the Relinquished in reference to his purification and the purging of his body from magic.

When Melchamas lived upon Argus, before he encountered demonology his appearence was more conventional of a Draenei. He had royal blue skin, with flowing blonde hair. Although his soul is pure, his corruption by the Legion forever changed his appearence and he will never look like he once did.

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