General Information


  • Stormwind Knight

Psychological Profile: While often a calm and straight-forward man, Merandil is somewhat known among his friends to be irrational in his thinking and acting when confronted with difficult problems, issues or women, which makes some people uncertain just how serious he is, or how well-rooted his view of the world is, and a few examples follow as here;

  • Merandil claims himself to be the ruling figure of a small religious group, however no actual proof is provided to back these statements.
  • Merandil claims that a number of women, led by a supposed friend he calls "Melf", are 'secretly' plotting to assassinate him for reasons yet unspecified.
  • Merandil has stated that all women on Azeroth are erotically or romantically interested in other women, or will be in time.

While his sanity remains disputable, he has a positive attitude to most things and the truth is important to him, leading to the next point, his brutal honesty.

With absolutely no common sense of decency, Merandil has a tendency to blurt out obscene, however true, statements when engaged in conversation.

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