Name:Miles 'Shadow' Karole
Age:Psychically 24, Technically 52
Race:Half-Elf (Human/Elf)
Allignment:True Neutral
Affiliation:Ravenholdt (Inactive Membership)

Silvermoon (Formerly)

Weapon(s) Of Choice:A Mysterious 2 Handed Sword with a Horde Insignia on it (Main)

Hidden Blade (Secondary)

Silenced Rifle (Ranged)

Relatives: N/A


Miles, as described by Sirex, was a boy that came out of nowhere.

He was always very defensive in his youth but also very adventurous

During the first war he would, sometimes accompanied by Sirex sneak out of Silvermoon to watch the trolls. One night, they came upon a camp of Trolls who were threatning to mutilate an innocent elf, Miles rushed to the scene, he barely managed to escape, it cost him his sight, since then he became even more silent then he was before, only talking when spoken to.


A dark night, the second day of the Second War, Miles left his home, a note was left behind with nothing but an X written in blood, the only one that seemed to know of this was young Sirex but he never said a word in his entire life about that event. Miles came home one day to find Sirex's dad and Miles's mother in heavy discussion about wether it was Sirex's fault that he left or Miles' Adventurous soul. Sirex at the time was in an Academy, Miles travelled there and told Sirex all about his adventures, and he gave Sirex a small dagger that he had found.

Miles seemed to have adapted to his blindness, Sirex would say he recovered, but this isn't proven. Miles cannot see but he can hear, smell and feel better. He's become an Assasin at the Ravenholdt Guild, the Secret guild in the Hillsbrad foothills opposing the Syndicate.


Today Miles occasionally reappears to guide or help his past friends. he has been helping Riex Kyulni, Sirex's son, and probably Sirex himself aswell.

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