The Mistrunner Tribe

The Mistrunner Tribe is an all Tauren guild on the Defias Brotherhood (EU) server. The Tribe is open to all Tauren regardless of level and class.

The Chieftain of the Mistrunner Tribe is Haagen. He is assisted by the Council of Elders. The current elders are Aroh and Bonkhron.

The Tribe

The Mistrunners was created to be a way of Tauren without without a tribe of their own to band together in one community. Founded by Myrha and others, they pledged to keep Tauren matters at the heart of the guild, honouring old traditions and to try and create a peace with the Alliance.

Tauren of the tribe refer to each other as 'Aonahe', originally the last name for tribesmen before it grew to include too many different tauren. It is currently used to describe the kinship they feel within the group, in the same way followers of the light refer to each other as brother and sister.

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