Moonglade Roleplaying Communities

  • SquareRP
    An Alliance based community set in Cathedral Square, Stormwind. Players can join either as an Associate Guild or as an Individual, providing the majority of their 'downtime' is spent in/around the Cathedral Square area. It has proven to be very popular and is growing in success.
  • MARP
    The Moonglade Adventurer's and Roleplayer's community is a Horde based organisation that attempts to establish RP reasons for End Game raiding. It has proven to be very successful and popular.

News Sources and Entertainment

  • Squirrel News Network (defunct)
    SNN provides forums for Moonglade RPers to communicate as well as roleplay related news.
  • Azerothian Weekly
    Newspaper packed with cross-faction news and entertainment.

Out of Character stuff

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