"I never really knew my parents. My Mother died giving birth to me, my Father died defending me. I sometimes wonder what they would think of me were they still alive. Would they approve of my decisions, my actions, my choices. I will never know now If they either would have cursed my name or watched proudly as I do what I believe is right." - Mathusala

Guild none
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Dark Warrior
Faction Black DragonFlight

Mortimer is the father of Mathusala and Deathecus Grimhammer, he was supposedly killed during the first war defending Darkshire from the horde. However he was saved by the malevolent Deathwing who had taken him and transformed him into his perfect warrior.

RP Stats

Level 12
Class Warrior
Title Servant of the Earth Warder
Race Human
Alignment Lawful Evil
STR 20
AGI 11
INT 10
CON 11
MAG 10
CHR 10

Equipment: Mace of the Twilight: +3 MAG, inflicts instant death on dragons of aspects other than the Black.

The Greatest of his Masters Servants

Years of Freedom






To Enter a Dream

Sons yet to Parish


The List

  • Age: 79
  • Relatives: Mathusala, The Scarlet Hero (Son, Alive) Isabelle (Wife, deceased) Deathecus Grimhammer (Son, Deceased) Issilien Darkwave (grandson)
  • Titles: Servant of the Earthwarder
  • Occupation: Servant of the Earthwarder
  • Status: Alive
  • Location: Seen in both Black Rock Mountain and Grim Batol
  • Aliases: None
  • Allies/Friends: None
  • Beliefs: None
  • Personal obsessions: Freeing himself from the binds of Deathwing.
  • Professions: Enchanter, Blacksmith, Inscription.
  • Arch Enemies: Deathwing, Mathusala, Issilien Darkwave.


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