"I'm sorry..." The words pushed through Shantaro's clenched teeth, his tears roll down his cheeks and into Anita’s open wound. Only a few meters away Lorane is motionless as she watches Nyasia fall to her knees.

The Master of Shadow’s words suddenly phases into Shantaro’s mind. “Ok now I want you all to pair up with the one you like that most.” After a couple seconds of shuffling around and minor gigles and chats he continues, “Alright then. As you know each one of you elves here had shown great potiential in your fields of expertise. It is why you were selected to train directly under me by your superiors here in the secluded mountain glen. Now you have trained with each other for many years, but…”

"Its...alright Shan..." Anita's voice was weak as she clutched Shantaro's hand and his dagger that protruded from her chest. Blood trickled from her smiling lips, her tears rolled down her cheeks and onto the forest floor. On the other side of the glen Leehanda can be heard crying uncontrollably as she hugs Neasha and Kalah is knelt beside Shenah.

“…as Assasin you must learn to become cold blooded…with out remorse. As assassins we do not have the luxury of choosing our targets. Sometimes our targets can be someone that is unable to defend themselves…maybe even children.”

“It was destiny…Elune’s will,” Anita coughs as she reaches up to wipe away Shantaro’s tears. “I don't have what it takes...fulfill your missions my love…I’ll be watching you along with the priestess.” He holds her hand against his face as he watches her eyes dim and slowly close. “Anita…” Xesha takes Tisha’s necklace and raps it around her sword.

The Master looks at the line of ten elves with an unflinching gaze. “So now I give you your hardest and final test.” He pauses. “Slay your partner.” Each of the ten look up at their master then at each other in disbelief. “The losers will not have had what it takes to fulfill their missions, the friends that are unable to kill their friend would also not have what it takes to fulfill their mission. Also remember that the ones that run will not make it off of this mountain alive. The winners will return to the cottage after they complete their final task.” The Master turns and heads over to the small cottage, leaving his ten students in the glen.

Idea taken from the movie "Azumi."

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