This particular tribe of Tauren gets its name for its peoples notoriously black horns, upon which a bard once described as "horns as black as night", thus giving them their name "Nighthorn". The tribe is also notorious for being mysterious and secretive; they support their fellow Tauren in all actions, though rarely visible.

Their allegiance to the Horde is a different matter. Their (the Nighthorn's) ancient ways do not leave much room for the Horde, but over time the newer generations of the Nighthorn Tribe slowly embrace the Horde's ways. The sole exception to this is the undead, which the Nighthorn Tribe are not particularly fond of. While they accept The Forsaken as a part of the Horde, they would go out of their way to avoid interaction with them. The Nighthorn Tribe, however, absolutely loathes The Scourge, and considers them the natural enemy of all the living races.


Created by the Tauren god Votaar to combat the enemies of the Tauren, he hand selected ten male and female to create a tribe that would dedicate their tribe's entire future to serving this purpose. To seperate and unite them, he gave them all pitchblack horns, like the color of his fur. They would not, however, become the Nighthorn Tribe for 600 years after their creation. Before they were named, they simply refered to themselves as the Children of Votaar.


A few of the major accomplishments of the Nighthorn Tribe are as follows:

  • 125 years prior to the arrival of the Orcs in Kalimdor, the Nighthorn Tribe launched a covert mission against the leaders of the neighboring Centaur. The mission effectively neutralized the Centaur chain of command, leaving them disorganized and ineffective for many years. This may very well be the only reason the Tauren survived long enough to see the arrival of the Orcs 125 years later.
  • After the arrival of Orcs in Kalimdor, the Nighthorn Tribe was almost soley responsible for any relations with the Night Elf. It was them that began the relationship between Night Elf Druids and the Tauren Naturalists, which eventually became the Druids of the Tauren, through the guidance and teaching of the Night Elf. Without the cooperation between the races, a temporary alliance may have never been reached to fend off the Burning Legion.
  • After the Burning Legion was defeated for the second time, the Nighthorn Tribe realized their numbers had dwindled over the years, no longer robust enough to perform the duties to which they had devoted their lives to for so many generations. The Elder's Council made a controversial decision to create an organization that would be known throughout Azeroth as the Order of the Nighthorn, tasked to bring together all the races of the Horde, with the exception of The Forsaken, to continue the work of the Nighthorn Tribe.
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