Noelon Askar'Nohintalas
Guild Ebon Flame
Gender Male
Race Night Elf
Class Druid
Faction Alliance

Noelon Askar'Nohintalas, Keeper of the Shadow Tree and loyal member of the Ebon Flame. He's always seen wandering Kalimdor with his proud and faithful Saber, Liesal.

General Information

  • Apperance: Tall and muscled, his dark complexion is matched by silvery white hairs, that he brings tied in the ancient way, one knot over his head. His body is covered by silver snake-like runic tatooes, which burn when he calls Nature to him.
  • Born: In Azshara, long time before this Age dawned.
  • Father: a warrior Noble of the Imperial House, deceased in the first war against the Burning Crusade.
  • Mother: Unknown, but rumors are she was a priestess of Elune.
  • Children: One. Died in the War of Shifting Sands. He does not speak of him. Never.
  • Marital Status: not ask...


He used to be quick witted and ready to smile, with a warm laugh...but that was a time long ago. Now on his reactions and words weights the unforgivable memory of what his Family, to his own son, to himself, to Azeroth. He entered the Emerald Dream at the end of one nightmare to wake up in a changed world, his powers and cherished ones stripped from him.. Nature itself was changed. Now in his heart he nurtures a deep hatred and thirst for revenge...he feels only two debts: to the one who made his revenge possible, bringing him back to this world and to those who will make it possible, the Ebon Flame.


Shattering and Awakening

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