Oblivian is a high ranking blood elf member of the Burning Legion. He is the father of Oblivius.

General Information

  1. Age: 123 (normal for elves, see the age groups in Wowwiki)
  1. Place of Birth: Quel'Thalas
  1. Alignment: Chaotic evil
  1. Family: Oblivius (son, alive, nobody knows his current location)


Oblivius appears to be a red haired blood elf warlock. While he is imencively evil, it doesnt mean he doesnt control himself. His armor is all runic, thus demon made. He is working in the Horde, spying their work, but he really serves the Burning Legion. Kil'jaeden implies to him that he has grand plans for Oblivian. His skin is gray, not lightly-pale orange like other blood elves. He is in the process of turning in a fel elf soon.


Oblivian's goals is to cripple every powerful faction on Azeroth and open portals in them for the Legion to arrive. He still is crippling them, but slowly and sees the progress.

Current location

He has last been in the Isle of Quel'Danas in service of Kil'jaeden, but after his defeat he went first to Silvermoon to start crippling it. He was done with the process in Silvermoon and now resides in Orgrimmar, near Thrall. But he often travels to other settlements such as Goldshire, to cripple it as well. He already has open a portal unded Silvermoon and waits the Legion to come. He also reopened the gates Ner'zhul opened on Outland and demons now are the most common thing you see in Outland.

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