Odrade Hearth
Guild Twilight Guard
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Rogue
Faction Alliance

General Information

  • Name: Odrade Hearth
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Age: 20ish
  • Place of Birth: Hearthglen
  • Professions: Enchanting and Engineering
  • Languages: Common, traces of both street language and upper class in her accent.



Odrade grew up in the city of Hearthglen, after a bandit raid she ended up being rescues by her older sister. Together they traveled south, eventually ending up in the Orphanage in Stormwind. Odrade was always silent and alone, only her sister Charisma paying her attention. After a few years Charisma got the opportunity to take up training as a Paladin of the Light, she accepted and took Odrade with her, living together in a small house in the Cathedral District. Odrade was happy for a while, until Charisma started having less time to be with Odrade, in the end leaving Odrade alone to her own means. Odrade ended up on the streets of Old Town, hiding most of the time, stealing silver for food and learning to defend herself.


  • Earl, father. Deceased
  • Jessica, mother. Deceased
  • Charisma, older sister. Missing in action
  • <name>, older sister. Presumed deceased
  • Rela, 'adopted' sister.

Former Guilds

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