An organisation set to unite all Forsaken under Lordaeron's banner. Based in the ruins of the old Capital of Lordaeron, it seeks to reclaim lands previously held by Lordaeron now 'lost', to keep the Alliance at bay until it can be throwed away from Lordaeron and to fight the Scourge.


The Old Lordaeron was formed by a merger between The Forsaken Legion, Will of Sylvanas and The Soulfall Enclave, and later Embrace of Death. Also, many inviduals have joined the Old Lordaeron.

The Old Lordaeron has gone through many difficulties, and leaders have changed over time. Most notable have the strife between the Old Lordaeron and Zir Examinus and long-time leader Zargoth's long absence from office, and some internal problems. However, with the new leader Timrashal the guild chose to consolidate on its leadership over the Forsaken. This consolidation was both a success and a setback.

Embrace of Death, being 'a guild within a guild' for a long time now, chose to come clean with itself and parted from Lordaeron under another name lead by first Raolin and later Valtor. Fleranix Darkblade, always wanting to violently press Sylvanas' surpremacy onto others split off Lordaeron with his Forsaken Zealots. Lastly, the Cult of the Rot seemed to stir up trouble in the Undercity.

On the other hand, Lordaeron was successful in vanquishing its enemies. Eventually this even resulted in Holith, leader of the Zir Examinus, joining Lordaeron. The Forsaken Zealots and the Cult of the Rot withered away. And within Lordaeron, The Forsaken Legion was reinstated, now lead by Cybele Mordan.

Following the opening of the Portal, Lordaeron seems to have lost its goals somewhat. There's no traitors to round up if they have better things to do then critizise the Queen. There's no point in pressing on to the bases of the Scourge, if they seem to be contained sufficiently within their fortresses in the Plaguelands. And there's no point in waging war against the Alliance in Lordaeron if every fighter (both Alliance and Horde) is located somewhere in the barren Outland.

Notable Members

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