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Ordin Ainforth
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Ainor
Faction Alliance
Health Health
Level 50
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Ordin,in human form, is and always will be a loner, with bright blue eyes and slick black hair he looks around for other of his kind. When his Illusion fails, or if he needs to fight a strong enemy he drops the illusion looking like a purely white Worgen but much bigger and slightly less fearsome.


Born in the same Universe the Worgen Ordin was at complete peace with his friend Fenros (See Wikipedia) when Aurgal started to summon the Worgen to fight the Scourge, the Worgen in turn started to go Insane and turned on the Ainor, their fellows. Ordin was forced to fight his Fenros and as he didn't want to kill his friend since birth he retreated through a portal just opened by one of Aurgal's. As he fled through the Portal he noticed multiple odd creatures standing around him with shock on their faces. Making a split second decision he fled the scene, before they could figure out how'd they recieved something else besides a Worgen from their portals. After a quick look around the area, he figured out that the humans (He didn't know at the time) was the most common creature around. So he morphed into one of the mages that he saw around the portal, the Ainor are Magical in nature and can morph into things they see, and started to walk towards an encampment. Another Mage mistaking him brought him back to Dalaran. Since he had no idea what they were saying, or how to do human magic, the mages thought he had lost his mind fighting the Scourge so a human that later became his friend while he was a mage, Aoin Loindar, began to 'reteach' him magic and how to speak common. After completely 'recovering' he changed morphs and went into hiding. Nothing is currently known of what happened between then and when he became what he is now, an assassin of SI:7 of Stormwind.




"Arthas? Ner'zhul? Both pansy's."

"The Worgen weren't always bloodthirsty, blame Aurgal for that."
                                                                                   "Humans, Orcs, Night Elves, Blood Elves, Every race on this damned world fights each other to much."
                                                                                   "Why am I an Assassin if I can do magic? Becuase magic draws more trouble then its worth."


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